Removing leaver penalties in specific cases

In a few cases, the game can detect how or why you got disconnected from the game. I am almost 100% certain the game can detect the ‘Render device lost’ error and should be able to not penalize me for when I get that error at the beginning of a comp match, thus crashing my game and canceling the match. It should also be able to see when ping is spiking and possibly not penalize you for leaving when at extraordinarily high ping. I think there are other cases where the game should be able to detect why the player left the match and not penalize them if they aren’t at fault but this is just a few I can think of.

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If you are experiencing technical issues, do not play competitive. I would recommend troubleshooting the issues you are experiencing.

The “render device lost” caused me SR drops several times.

Thing is, that it happens in the start of a game, where a simple relaunch would literally make this have zero negative impact on the match, but the current timer makes it impossible .

While removing the SR penalty in this situation is debatable, id like to see a larger timer for crashing in start of the game. 20s would be nice, at least we’d have an actual chance for restarting the game.

The important reason why penalties are applied to users who have technical issues is to get them to stop playing competitive. Its also why penalties start small at only a 10 minute suspension. In short please take whatever steps are necessary to correct an issue before going back into a high-stakes mode like Competitive.

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As always, forum MVPs like myself and Blizzard Support Agents are available to help you troubleshoot your specific technical issues in the technical support forum.

Also, be sure to check out these helpful resources:

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I understand not being able to tell if WiFi went out, or the player turned off their WiFi, etc etc, but if the game can tell me specifically what error I am getting, it should be able to also not give me a penalty for said issue. Obviously, you are right and I should get it fixed, but this stuff leaves a bad taste in my mouth and there is no way to know if I fixed it. Only time will tell if the issue is fixed, and this time I was just unlucky.