Give people time to reconnect on competitive

During my placements, I crashed 2/10 of the games during match startup.

I restart the game and am booted back up literally within 10 seconds and yet I am instantly given an abandon. Who made the genuis decision to not allow us a grace period to reconnect as is standard on pretty much EVERY competitive game.

As a player since launch, I have played quite a lot and really enjoyed it but it is honestly ridiculous how this can be the decided sensible implementation to stop griefers when it affects all of the innocent people in the ruthless approach; it really puts a dampener on playing more matches.

Edit 09/07/2019 - Yet another crash for this issue. Another 50 SR lost and another 30 minute ban.

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I’d say work on less crashes with your device, a longer time could encourage people to leave, and rejoin and not face the penalties.

there is a lot that can happen in 10 seconds. If its before the match “starts” its something they need to deal with.

How do you “work on your crashes”?? It’s not like we go out of our way to crash the game. It’s the developers job to prevent crashes, not the end user lmao.

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It’s actually both. It’s the devs job to make the game as stable as possible, and the users job to ensure their system is stable and compatible with the game.

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  • update drivers
    • Graphics card
    • Sound system
    • Network card
  • make sure everything is operating at a safe temperature
  • make sure all the fans are clean and operating correctly
  • Apply operating system patches
  • make sure you don’t have malware or viruses
  • research whether other people with your hardware are having the same problems as you and whether they’ve found a fix.
  • Adjust settings, such as whether the game is full screen, native resolution for your monitor, etc.

And if your game is still crashing, you avoid Competitive until you can stabilize things.

I’m sorry that the OP’s system is having stability problems with Overwatch. There are things that should be done, and the tech support forum has a bunch of information available.

I appreciate that there are things that the user CAN do to help but if the issue only occurs with Overwatch then it is an Overwatch issue and not the PC. For what it’s worth, it’s a fairly newly built PC and everything has been installed/updated.

Regardless of my issues with crashing, do you not think it’s ridiculous for the game to instantly penalise a player for disconnecting?

The game is incredibly complex, and could have any number of technical issues; it’s not like I’m the only user that will have computer, network, or whatever other kind of problems that can occur. To instantly penalise someone for issues beyond their control is, to me, insane.

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The reaction to disconnects and crashes is different depending on how far into the game it is. Before a certain point, the whole game just gets cancelled, and everyone kicked out. That sounds like what portion of the game you were in. I haven’t ever seen someone able to rejoin during an early game DC. I’m not sure you can even rejoin.

If you’re convinced there’s nothing wrong with your computer, then you’ll want to go to the Tech Support forums and follow their instructions for how to post a crash problem and get assistance.

I’m not blaming you, or even your computer. I just gave advice on what the basic things to check would be. The tech support forums have more thorough steps that you should go through.

Most people do not have crashing problems.

The penalties are to discourage intentional leaving. It’s nearly impossible for the system to differentiate between an innocent crash or disconnect and an intentional one to leave a game. That’s why the penalties exist.

Also, the SR loss is temporary. You’ll gain more SR on your next several wins to catch you back up to where you were.

Recovery from disconnecting is identical to recovery from decay. That is, after a single disconnect a player will have an SR buff for about 12 games until his SR has caught back up to what it would have been if he’d never disconnected. Because leaver recovery is identical to decay recovery, it is likely that MMR is unaffected by leaving, just as it is unaffected by decay.

Quote from “Leaver Penalty” section:

The info about decay makes the situation better; I was unaware of you getting a ‘MMR boost’ which does alleviate the guaranteed loss of MMR when you crash at the start of a game.

Now I need to find a way to solve the temporary bans though…

I’ll go give the tech support section a browse and see if anything helps. Thanks for your info anyway!

not to mention that if you can resolve whatever’s causing the crashing, and if you never quit games yourself, in the long run you’ll more than make up the lost SR by encountering enemy teams where someone dcs/quits.

Just to add, I’ve found the relevant issue in “Known Issues” regarding RTX cards here: Common Technical Issues and Solutions - #26 by Drakuloth

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Awesome. Hopefully it has a workaround available. Thanks for sharing the link.

Apex crashes all the time for tons of users. Like the majority because it’s buggy and poorly coded. It’s definitely on the developers if it crashes a majority of the time.

Think back a year or maybe two ago in overwatch. Every update comp was literally destroyed and thousands of people were being kicked from games or the game crashes or put on the enemy team to replace other players who moved to their own team.

Yep, not saying its only the users fault at all. But if the game crashes only for a specific few people, then most likely it has something to do with their hardware, OS, drivers, or general setup as well as the game itself.

If someone crashes once, and then immediately tries to play again without any troubleshooting, it is partially their fault if they end up being punished for crashing again. The problem originates from the game of course, but the user does hold some of the blame if they queue again knowing full well that they didn’t attempt to fix the issue on their end.

That is of course, specifically regarding crashes that only happen on certain systems, not widespread common crashing. But since OP has stated that the issue is caused in part by RTX video cards, I don’t think this problem falls under the “common” category.

Ensure your device is stable when playing Competitive Overwatch. It is also the devs job to make the game more stable, it’s a 50/50 responsibility.

I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but every time I have disconnected, I always sought to immediately reconnect (if my internet was not cutting it, I would even turn to my mobile hotspot for ps4; basically I’d do everything I could to reconnect), and it always had the option to rejoin the game.

Granted, I made the decision to go for a wired connection months ago, and haven’t disconnected since.

Yes, this is why I made this thread. I would crash and be back onto the game and wanting to reconnect within maximum 15 seconds but by that time the game has been disbanded and I was penalised with a 30 minute ban (after having already received a 10 minute ban for a prior crash).