Game drops out at start of match

Hi, Just wondering if I could have some help with this issue.
When i start a comp game, a lot of the time it will say disconnected from server right before its about to enter the game. Luckily most of the time im sitting at the computer watching and i can quickly press rejoin and it doesn’t result in the game ending. Its very frustrating though and I now have a warning on the screen saying if I keep leaving matches early I’ll be banned.
It is nothing to do with my internet either because I never disconnect from games mid game or anything its always at the start. My connection speed is quality too.

Not disconnecting mid game or internet speed doesn’t mean it can’t be your internet. Some providers sometimes have issues with the servers sometimes.
I think eventually an MVP will ask for your DxDiag (Common Technical Issues and Solutions, What to do if you need more help) so meanwhile you can both get that and Scan and Repair your game to see if it works (Overwatch Tab in battlenet > Options > Scan and Repair).

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