Connection Issues

I would like to say I have restarted my internet many times I’m the past hour but it still doesn’t seem to work. My internet works perfect for other games. I have a ps4 and I ran test to see if the network was fine and it was. But for some reason when I start the game it takes a while to enter and a message pops up that I cannot connect. But when I try again I can connect no problem. I join my friends group but I cannot join any voice channels at all. Im mid game I sometimes lose connection and it frustrates me knowing overwatch is the only game that is having this problem. Is there any other way to fix this problem because I have done everything.

If you ran a speedtest, this only tests speed, not quality. Otherwise, if you ran a WinMTR, please post the results here. And if you haven’t yet, please do so we can try to figure out your connection issue.

More information on why this is only affecting Overwatch and not other services: Common Technical Issues and Solutions - #23 by Drakuloth