Overwatch disconnecting my internet after a few minutes

This is on a fresh install of Windows 10. Ill connect and play fine for the first game or two and then suddenly ill have serious rubber-banding and I will be disconnected. When I alt-tab, I also see my internet is disconnected. This only happens with Overwatch.

Things I have tried:

  • Scanning and Repairing Overwatch. No errors found.
  • Reinstalling Overwatch
  • I only use Windows Firewall and it’s correctly configured to accept Overwatch connections
  • Resetting Network in Windows 10 which totally wipes network settings back to default
  • All network drivers are up to date.

All was fine before the fresh install of Windows in the exact same hardware. So I really don’t know what’s the issue. Happy to provide any specs,test results etc. This is on a wired 1gbps connection by the way.

Did a PathPing but I can’t paste it here because I can’t share links apparently.

The steps in this pinned thread might help: