Disconnect frequently from blizzard games

Whenever I play blizzard games like Overwatch and Destiny 2, there will be times where it says I’m disconnected. When trying to re-enter game via battlenet app, it will display ''connecting and go online button ‘’ on the top right side of the app. I will be able to reconnect within 1 minute, but will be removed from my current game.

I can confirm my internet is stable as I normally run 2 games simultaneously with overwatch/destiny 2, and only blizzard games are affected, my other games do not disconnect / was able to access websites via google chrome.

It could be due to my Vmware, but problem persist even when I stop VMware from running in background and disabling the VMware Ethernet adapter. I do not wish to uninstall VMware as it was a hassle for me to get it set up again if necessary.

Please advice

Whenever players have a connection issue, it’s hard for anyone to help without test data from a WinMTR. As for why only Blizzard games are disconnecting, you can find that info in the sticky threads: Continuing the discussion from Common Technical Issues and Solutions: