Internet drops while playing Overwatch

Sometimes while I play Overwatch, my internet completely drops and it causes me to black screen mid-game, which is very infuriating especially when it happens during competitive mode.

Here is what would happen when my internet drops mid-game:

  • My character is stuck moving in the direction it was moving before the internet dropped, but I can still hear voice chat and other people are moving normally.
  • After a couple of seconds, I stop being able to hear other people and their characters start floating off into the sky.
  • Then, my screen turns black and has the loading icon on the bottom right and then after a bit it loads back into the game. I didn’t disconnect from the game and I’m at the spot I disconnected originally at.
  • Immediately after, I am kicked out of the game once again and then usually either stay out of the game or am greeted with the map loading screen like I just re-entered the game.

On top of this, while this is all happening, messages being sent by me on Discord are delayed and take a while to send and my ping to Discord vcs spikes to 5000ms and then goes back to normal once I’m able to reconnect to my game. I can’t search anything or load pages while this is all happening either.

Any help fixing this issue would be appreciated, I don’t want to throw my GM games because of something as stupid as this.

Things I have already tried:

  1. Restarting both my router and modem
  2. Updating my router software
  3. Flushing my IP or whatever it does

------------------System Information------------------ Time of this r - DxDiag result

I recommend checking over the error section at the end. There is an error from the Xbox Gaming App (disable in Control Panel), Audio services (manually check for Windows updates), and the Corsair Display Adapter (a desktop stat display that you can disable from loading on startup).

Are you seeing an error pop-up from Windows that says you’ve lost internet connection? If so, that would be a different problem. Blizzard has some steps to assist you here:

if those don’t help, then you’d want to reach out to the ISP or party responsible for your network setup.

I don’t see any popups, but I will try all the above. Thank you for the help.

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