Suspension without Connection

At least twice in the past week I’ve received a “suspension” while just queued up for games. Never saw the map load screen. Never chose characters. I received a suspension while QUEUED. Somebody tell me there’s a good reason for this. I came back for role queue and I’m about to bounce out again.

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Likely disconnected as it found a game, your client never loaded the game info, and then you got suspended. There have been several ISP issues happening today, not sure what you’re using so I don’t know if it’s related.

Has this been resolved?!?! I just got smacked with a 2 hr susp. while tanking in comp. Literally booted and suspended while holding a point. TF is going on?!?

Edit: You know what? Nevermind. If your game doesn’t want me to play it, then I won’t. It’s garbage that suspensions are just thrown at people who never even play.

LOL, I don’t work for Blizz…

Cool. (twenty characters)

If you don’t want community help, you should open a ticket.

There is not ticket route for this issue. Suspensions/Bans will not receive appeals and connection issues funnel a person through a “is the power button on” long before you can place a ticket. The fact that this is an issue at all is kind of insane. (BTW - I was instructed to come to the forum by the “ticket” system).

Sorry for being a jerk.

Let’s take a look at a WinMTR?

WinMTR instructions (click to expand/collapse)

This data request is for players connecting to NA or OCE realms. EU players can post their data in the EU forum for troubleshooting.

Share your results in a reply:

  1. Click the “Copy Text to clipboard” button after you’ve finished the test per the instructions.
  2. Paste the text in a reply, then highlight the pasted text and click </> on the post editor.
  3. Break any links by adding a space before .com, .net, etc.

I’ve already jumped that hoop multiple times. I’m upset because I can’t even connect to a game before getting a suspension. I’ve had, maybe, 2/5 games actually work. I’ve been booted from games in the middle of capturing a point. At not point in time should I have received a suspension.

Half of the forum seems to be filled with posts like yours lately. In the past few days there’s been disconnects 1 out of every 3 games I’ve been in lately. Lost 3 that way, won 1 since the other team got disconnected. Seems to get worse and worse. If you post up winmtr’s where they can’t blame your ISP they won’t respond. They never responded to my winmtr post since the lag spikes once you get to blizzard’s AS.

That behavior isn’t normal, and it’s also not what many of the other current threads have going on. If you’re going to post in Tech Support, it has to be for troubleshooting, not feedback – that’s the forum rules, not mine.

Remember, people only post here when there’s a problem, instead of “everything is working great!” When it’s a server, Blizzard posts about it right away on their Twitter. They can’t control every ISP in the world or the bad/laggy routes many of them choose to use to reach Blizzard. When it’s a common issue happening to many players, they can sometimes reach out to the ISP if they spot where the issue is happening, but they can’t force the ISP to do anything – they aren’t their customer.

If you want to troubleshoot, I’m still listening despite the earlier snafu. But if it’s more of the same, I’ll move on.

Maybe it’s your name :thinking:

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As I stated previously, I’m only posting here because that’s what the ticket system instructed me to do.

Yeah, but posting here means troubleshooting/providing test data, that’s what they meant by “post in tech support.” We’ve spent so much time going back and forth about what should happen in posts here, that we probably could have figured out the problem by now.

If you don’t want to troubleshoot, there’s no need to continue this thread. Good in luck in however you decide to proceed.