Please fix the servers. (just a rant)

I have had a total 6 disconnects this competitive season and it feels that the only time I am able to play the game is late at night and very early morning. It is just really difficult to be able to play the game at any other time. I can play BO4 just fine with no issues during the evening or day, but when it comes to OverWatch, I can’t. I am just about done with this game. Please any suggestions. I already run the game at its lowest settings and I do have the best internet that is in my area.

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Your network might be crowded during peak hours, not allowing you the pristine connection most Blizzard games require.

Explanation of why this is a thing is in the stickies: Common Technical Issues and Solutions - #19 by Drakuloth

Post a WinMTR Blizzard Support - Running WinMTR that you run for 5-10 mins during the times you have the most issues. You’ll be pinging the Overwatch servers, and you don’t need to actually play Overwatch while you do it. You can also run it in the background while you do other stuff.