Keep Disconnecting When My Wifi Is Alright

I keep disconnecting, while i’m playing comp with my friends, my internet is alright there’s no issue’s with it. I have a pretty good fps, but it would be helpful, if i stopped disconnecting it keeps happening, and i would like it would stop.

When i disconnect, my wifi goes off it is very weird that happens. That never happened to me before. I need to reboot my computer, and then reconnect but when i do i get suspended. I get worried, disconnecting cause, i feel bad causing others to lose their sr, and i don’t want that for anyone. I just want it to be fixed, and have a wonderful time with my online friends, and my team in competitive or other fun games :sparkles:

This points to an issue with the network configuration.

I don’t have a cable connected to my pc, is that why i’m not having the best wifi?

Correct, Wi-Fi is great for device portablity and easy of connection for most services like video streaming, web browsing, and checking email, but online gaming requires a steady stream of data back and forth. Wi-Fi is a radio signal that is subject to interference from all sorts of things (home electrical faults, vacuum cleaners, over the air television, microwaves, etc.) Not most the of time this is not an issue, but if you are having problems with your connection, one of the first steps of troubleshooting is to try and direct connect to your router or modem with an ethernet cable to see if the connection issues are still persistent.

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I appreciate your help, i think that was the issue all this time.

Stay happy, and have a good day! :sparkles:

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No problem, just remember to test throughly. If you identify any other issues, post a reply or start a new thread for more help.

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