I'm still disconnecting after 2 mins

When I load Overwatch it disconnects after 2 minutes. If someone can help me solve this issue it would be much appreciated.

I don’t have anything running in the background.

I have played 844 hours or more without any issue until now.

Yes I have flushed the IP

I have swapped modems and swapped back

Yes I have my drivers are up to date

I have set the firewall on both private and public to allow Overwatch

My computer specs are
Windows 10 - 64x
Nvidia geForce GTX 780
I5 Core processor
16 GB ram

Internet connection
Is copper wire based ADSL wired (ethernet cable)

It could be that something has damaged your internet line outside, or that something between you and the Blizzard servers is damaged or doing maintenance. This happens a lot when everything else works fine, except Blizzard services. Read more here and here. You can use a WinMTR to see if this is the problem. Run it for 5-10min and post results here with the </> on the post editor.