Overwatch 2 makes my pc wifi adapter to crash

As soon as i start a Match or enter to de Training/Target Practice, after between 1:30 min and 5 min, the game suddenly gets disconnected.

When i try to reconnect i realize my wifi adapter is like malfunction, i cannot connect to my wifi network, it clearly says “Can’t connect” but my wifi network is totally working, i checked on my phone so its the Wifi addapter that is not working. I tried to turn it off and on and disable and enable and it gets worse, then the adapter dissapear.

When i restart the computer, then everything is back to normal, the adapter connects to the saved wifi network and has internet and all. If i get into Overwatch again, around 2 to 5 min when the match starts, the same issue once again.

All indicate Overwatch is triggering this Wifi addapter malfunction. I use this computer to work all day, around 8-9 hours, and this do not happend anytime, only when entering a match or training in Overwatch. Does anyone is experiencing this too ? Thanks in advance

The game client can’t shut down your internet. Please check the sticky post about this:

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