Lost connection to game server?

In the middle of the game it just froze as if noone was moving, and it said in Red letters “LOST CONNECTION TO GAME SERVER” but im on youtube i loaded up new clip just to test if it works and it does, loaded perfectly, turned up Speedtest everything works, i maximise back overwatch and click retry after it failed, than it showed “GAME SERVER CONNECTION FAILED… RETRYING” and after about 3-4 minutes of trying to get in, it loaded and i came back in the game, but i still lost 50 sr, my question is why did it happen? It is tough enough to climb the SR with all the players being toxic and trying to calm them literarly every game, 50-50 it works but ok people can be tough its living beings you play with, but why is blizzard connection my fault? I get that there is no way for you to know if someone disconnects but why dont you make some kind of system where i prove you that i got DCed 'cus its servers fault, and you give me my 50 sr back? This is not “play nice play fair” its simply not fair no matter how good or nice someone is. YES I WILL CLIMB THE LADDER SLOWLY IF IM GOOD and i do climb slowly, but why make it unenjoyable? And why would i care to climb when i am more and more frustrated by unfairness than any victory that can bring me happines its just way not worth it?

Is there even a way for me to know what happened so i can prevent it on my side as much i can like what can i do for connection to your servers to be more stable? If its something on my side im glad to fix it but it doesnt seem to be?

Oh yeah, it happened 2 times today, and both times my internet pretty much worked on everything but login to overwatch trying to get back so its -100 sr for no reason i guess…

From the staff: Why can I stream or download from other sites without issues but have problems in Blizzard games?

Steps you can take to prevent this: Blizzard Support - Can't Connect to Overwatch 2

Also, if you could post a WinMTR, we can probably spot the problem.