Server problems

The servers are trash. can’t play the game properly. The amount of SR I have just lost because of overwatch server problems is just unreal. It just sad that a game like this is so trash right now

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What server problems are you talking about? Not currently experiencing issues on ORD (Chicago) or LAX (Los Angeles).

I just disconnect from the game. I was in the middle of a competitive game and then I was taken to the Overwatch loading screen and it said “In queue: 5000 players in front of you” even though my wifi is perfectly fine, and even when i joined the game I lost 50sr in the end

What region are you playing on?

Currently playing on the NA servers

Are you also located in North America? What ISP are you using?

No, I am from India and I use airtel

Is this a mobile broadband connection? Too many factors can affect the quality of line-of-sight internet options, and they don’t meet the system requirements for Overwatch.

Edit: I understand this may be your only option right now. If this is a new problem, you may want to consult Airtel, because currently the North American servers are both working and don’t have any reported issues at this time.

I meet all the system requirements and this is not a mobile broadband, the internet works well for everything but it just goes nuts while im playing overwatch. Many time I just get sent back to the homescreen or I have to relogin again even though my wifi is working perfectly well.

Same man, over the last couple days. North America, East Coast. Friends have the issue as well, different ISPs. Can play a match or two then boom, lags out/disconnects.

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The issue you’re describing doesn’t sound like it involves the Overwatch client, but instead is a problem with processing the amount of data Overwatch requires – which is quite a lot.

This post: Common Technical Issues and Solutions - #24 by Drakuloth

…or the post right after may offer assistance.

okay thanks I look into it

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