Other Programs Sound Mutes When OW is On

I’ll be running Youtube to listen to music while I play OW, and it normally has no problems. But lately when the song ends and it goes to the next video, the non-OW sounds on my PC stop playing. When the video switches, I can’t even listen to other apps like Spotify, just OW.

I believe its an OW problem though because the only fix I’ve found so far is to go into the sound settings of OW and change the Playback Source from Default>Headphones>back to Default. Then the other sounds on my PC come back, along with OW. But this is not fun to do every few minutes, obviously.

I’m on a Win7 PC, my bluetooth headphones are not set to allow an app to take exclusive control of them, and otherwise all of the connections work. HALP?

You may be running into issues due to the limits of Bluetooth to process enough audio channels. More info here: Common Technical Issues and Solutions - #27 by Drakuloth

It was the audio channels. I ultimately fixed it by swapping out my monitors HDMI cable for a VGA cable.

Glad you figured this out, thanks for reporting back because it might help someone else :slight_smile: