Rubber Banding in Overwatch and it is not only me


So I am unable to play OW. It has been almost 3 months since the problems started for me. The game is having some serious issues with the rubber banding. I just had a game where i walked off a bridge due to rubber banding. I have asked and there are other people having the same issue. I am playing from Costa Rica and minimum ping for me in game is 120 ms. That said, i play from my work office where we have company grade internet. When I do speed test to Miami, FL i got 182/Mbps download and 50/Mbps with 38ms ping. So I hope you can take a look at your servers do something about it.

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Unfortunately, pinging Miami means nothing when it comes to Overwatch servers. It’s more likely that something is interfering at your work network or on the way to the Blizzard servers, which are in Chicago and LA. That said, some players from Costa Rica are having routing problems (this is the responsibility of the ISPs, not Blizzard). I recommend contributing to this thread:

Apparently it is not the ISP as I am using a different ISP called Tigo. Also the person complaining that he too had issues with rubber banding was from US with a 3rd different ISP.
Does it not seems suspicious ? Somehow you say it is not Blizzard servers issues and yet this issue appeared few months ago and affected almost everyone playing the game.
You can claim that reports we provide help to resolve the issue, but lets face it. I have been where you are and we both know no one even bothers looking at what users submit.

All I am saying is that I am one of the few people that are still throws money at this game and with the 2-2-2 role queue coming out soon. From what i can tell, the issue I am currently having will become even worse. If this issue is still here after a month. I am straight up uninstalling OW of my PC and you can forget about me ever coming back. I don’t think loosing me as a client is something you would like to do.


Remember the connection goes like this PC → Home Network → ISP → Peering ISPs (Maybe more than one) → Blizzard. It’s possible a Peering ISP issue is occurring that would impact more people.

The goal would be to locate the issue. I would recommend when this issue is at it’s worst to try to capture it with a WinMTR. Post the results back here for review so we can help you out!

Thank you!

Any updates? The response here will always be the same - IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BE OUR BLIZZARD SERVERS (even when it is) lol


crispynugs We update our BlizzardCS and post breaking news anytime an outstanding issue occurs. It’s far easier to treat something as a known issue than to ignore it. Remember server issues impact all players. If a peering issue occurs it can impact a large number of players while the rest are just fine that is not a Blizzard server issue. We would like to help locate that issue but we need data.

If you are not willing to provide this data but still want Blizzard to look into it. Feel free to post reproduction steps on how to get the issue to occur on our Bug Report forums.

Please be mindful the Technical Support forums are for information gathering and troubleshooting only.

I know very well how the connection goes and I know very well that I am currently wasting my time, complaining here.

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AinzSama, I’m sorry I can’t offer any help to you myself, but I’ve had the same issue. And a lot of others have as well-- I’ve seen numerous posts pop up recently of others complaining of the same problem and it allllllll started 2 months ago (I know you mentioned 3, but most of us had this start 2 months ago, right after Archives ended). Huge latency spikes, terrible rubberbanding every 3 seconds-- I haven’t been able to play at all in the past 2 months, except when I was using the free trial of Haste Pro (a VPN? kinda?), and once that trial ended, the problem returned. I’ve tried absolutely every possible fix known. I’ve never had a rubberbanding problem this bad that couldn’t be solved before… :confused: Oh and I’m in Canada.

Then why don’t you at least attempt to help Blizzard with data? You can’t say Blizzard isn’t doing anything when you aren’t even willing to help them in troubleshooting your particular issue.

You claim almost everyone is experiencing rubberbanding. That is news me as I am not rubberbanding in the game and I know nobody who is. I also haven’t even seen anyone ever mention it in game chat either. If you truly want to get to the bottom of an issue hyperbole doesn’t help. With connection and system issues it is usually best to only speak for yourself and help support in helping you or you won’t be able to get any help at all. In this case it isn’t Blizzard who is unwilling.

Ultimately the decision of whether or not to troubleshoot or gather data is up to you, but as confirmed by several players in this thread, this rubber banding is a connection issue which resides somewhere between your house and our servers. There is no magic button we can push to fix this for you, and there is no way we can just add more server hardware or something like that to fix a network problem of this nature. If you provide the earlier requested information we’ll be happy to give it a look, but failing that I don’t think this is going to be a productive discussion. Best of luck either way!

I have done this over the Customer Support Chat maybe a month ago. There is no point on duplicating the data I have submitted.
As I said. It is pointless as nothing changed.

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It’s not just you, Blizzard patched the game as you said and I’ve had issues for about 3 months as well. Only with Overwatch never any other game. Id be happy to provide data for customer service AGAIN as well.
edit Im in the us east coast.

This thread is no longer about troubleshooting, and as a result it’s being locked. If you’d like to troubleshoot your issue, I recommend following our common connection troubleshooting steps and creating your own thread if you still need help.