[A] <SPUN> We will start recruitment for the War Within during BETA

We’re currently on break until The War Within BETA! We look forward to seeing you in the next expansion!!

About Spun
Our mission is to create an atmosphere that facilitates personal growth and empowerment as an individual contributor and team player! We’re a collective of gamers that excels in Raiding, Mythic+, and reveling all of the facets that make each expansion unique. We’re dedicated to elevating our members’ expertise with a combination of team strategy, feedback, and tool-driven analysis.

Our Raid Atmosphere
We’re a Heroic Raiding guild that is Fun, Focused, and Professional. We achieve AoTC each season and farm until a 1-day clear is achieved. Once we reach 1-day farm mode it’s up to the team as a whole for how long they want to collect gear on their mains or alts. We hold ourselves to a high standard and allow each person to drive themselves to their desired limit within what is required for gear upgrades, enchants, gems, and consumables.

We provide the best possible experience for our guild members and ensure we are staying true to the high standard we hold ourselves as a team and as representatives of the Blizzard community.

Our Current Status
We achieved AOTC in Amir’drassil! We’re currently on Haitus until the War Within BETA!

Raid Times
Friday: 8:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m. EST
Saturday: 8:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m. EST

Recruitment Needs

  • Tanks: Closed
  • Healers: Closed
  • Melee DPS: Closed
  • Ranged DPS: Closed

21+ years old. We are an Adult Guild.
Commit to both nights of raiding.
Be respectful and supportive - we are taking each other to the next level!
Willing to learn, improve, and grow through self-awareness and collaborative feedback.

GM and Raid Lead: Devonellah#1509 | Discord: Devonellah#0195 | devonellah
Co-GM and Admin: Eraserhead#1726 | Discord: Eraserhead#0313

Up for the Full Moon! :slight_smile: We’re in need of Tanks and DPS! We’re also looking for Mythic+ key runners to form more teams… let’s have fun!

UP to the Skies and Beyond! :slight_smile: Still looking for Tanks, DPS, and Healers :slight_smile: This is just the beginning of the fun to be had in Dragonflight - come and grow with us!!

Sent you a friend request via discord to ask a few questions

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Sent a Discord and Battlenet request to you and your Raid Lead.

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discord add sent from deltaco

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Up to the Moon and the Stars… We are in need of Tanks!! Tanks for our AOTC raid team, and Tanks for our Mythic+ teams :slight_smile: We have a solid team coming together - come and join us for Dragonflight!

I think I received it :slight_smile: Let me know if you haven’t received a response. Look forward to speaking with you!

Up - to the stars! Still recruiting more, and our raid team is coming together nicely! We are in need of Melee and Ranged DPS :slight_smile: Come and join us!

Up! Still in need of a Main Tank, Melee, and Ranged DPS for our AOTC raid team. :slight_smile: We’re also recruiting M+ and Social players as well! :slight_smile: Come and join us - the fun is just begnning!!

Up to the Sun!! We’re in need of Ranged and Melee DPS!! We may be open to one more healer as well. Come and join an awesome vibe and team!! The fun awaits us all :slight_smile:

Up - how high can we go? :slight_smile: In need of Ranged and Melee DPS, especially looking for Rogue, Paladin, and Warrior DPS! Would also love more mages and warlocks but ALL are welcome - come and join us!

Still looking for great folks!

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Up to the Stars! We’re growing and would love to have you! We are in need of Melee and Ranged DPS along with Tanks and Healers for M+ teams :slight_smile: Come and join us for Dragonflight! :slight_smile:

Up for the magical New Moon :slight_smile: We’re recruiting Ranged and Melee DPS for our AOTC team! Also forming solid M+ teams and welcoming social players as well. Come and join us :slight_smile:

Up again! We’re looking for solid players to fill out our AOTC raid team! Let’s make Dragonflight amazing together… The fun is just beginning!

Up for the weekend! We’re looking for solid DPS to fill out our AOTC raid team! Feel free to add me on Discord to learn more about Spun, our vibe, and plans for Dragonflight! :slight_smile: Devonellah#0195

Up! We are in need of Ranged and Melee DPS to fill out our AOTC raid team! Come and join us! :slight_smile:

Up! We’re in need of ranged and melee DPS to fill out our team! We are planning on growing together in Dragonflight. Let’s push the limits together! :slight_smile:

Up… Until the Break of Dawn:slight_smile: We’re looking for Ranged and Melee DPS to complete our AoTC raid team! Also welcoming Mythic+ and Social members as well!