Player List of Known Issues

This is a Player generated list of known issues from the older version of the forums. Posting here so we don’t lose track. Note: MVPs are just other players, not Blizzard staff! This is not an official Blizzard post.

If you have an error code please proceed to the Tech Support forum. Those are not usually game bugs and should be first reviewed with TS to get clarification. They are hardware/software errors you can usually remedy.


1. Season Journey vanishes in interface. Work around Season Journey and Achievement Bug [Solution]

2. Recent Players list missing from friends interface. Reported Dec 2018. Confirmed as a bug. No ETA yet for a fix. Requires Battlenet team as well as D3 team to fix.

3. MAC issue with mouse cursor going missing. See Mac TS forum for work around. Diablo 3 Forums

4. Blue Goblins give no loot. The goblin does not properly split and drop loot if killed too fast. Work around is to slow down DPS and let them split all the way.

5. Can’t enter portal on a greater rift level Random bug that has happened for a long time. No work around.

6. Can’t revive in a rift. Happens in both Normal and GRs. This is very random and the only work around is to make a new game.

7. Unkillable monsters. This is also random and long standing. No work around.

8. Armory weapon/ring swap issue. Armory fails to change gear properly when switching build (a ring is on left hand in one build, but on right hand in another build. Same for weapon.) Credit Maskraider

  1. September 2019. Game Language defaulting to English instead of chosen language. Work around is to set the launch parameters to your language.
  1. Sept 10, 2019
    After Battlenet Maintenance there has been an issue with group and community communications, leaving party, etc. Blizzard is aware and investigating. Issue lies with the major changes to the battlenet communications framework from Maint. Thread with Blizzard replies List of Bugs After Maintenance 9/10 and 9/18

  2. Sept 2019. Website Armory Profiles not available. RESOLVED

  3. Oct 2019. Silenced players can not create games. This is acknowledged as a bug. There is no work around or ETA on a fix right now.

  4. Crusader: Fist of the Heavens - Divine Well (rune) - Holy bolts do not zap enemies while traveling, resulting in no extra damage. Reported by @Zeromancer


How on earth can I create a new topic on this forum!!!


If you feel you have found an actual bug, you click the box at the top right that says “+ New Topic”

Move your mouse to the title box and click it - enter a title.

Move the mouse back to the post box and enter your bug report text. Hit “+Create Topic” at the bottom left of the post box.

Edit - before posting, you might want to check the “Things that are not bugs” post as well. It covers many common misconceptions and game mechanics.


We need some stickies here. (Like How to Write a Good Bug Report).

This thread needs to be stickied too.


Yeah, this does need a sticky as well as the “not a bug” thread. Not sure why we still don’t have that, or even the normal Bug Report sticky blue threads.


How about just having Nevalistis “pin” the topic as she did in the Barbarian forum ?

That would work the same, I would think…

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The Bug Report forums belong to QA, not the Community Managers. It is kind of a fine distinction, but they don’t like to step on toes.

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I wish there was another way…

@Blizzard : please pin this conversation so we don’t need to bump it every 2 days or so !!! TY !!!

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Thank you again, Nevalistis :+1:

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Thank you! Hopefully this helps avoid some repeat reports.

We still need a “How to Write a Good Bug Report” stickied too.

Oddly enough, one was put in the PTR Bug Report Forum, but still has not made it here.

Time, man. :frowning: I’ll see if I can copy/paste the Good Bug Report thread over here when I get a chance.


Thank you, Nev. :heart:

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Where does 1 report a bug? As creating a new post is disabled.

My character became unplayable because its lost is primary ability. I got 2 secondary abilities which dont work because i cannot gather hatred as DH

That is not a bug so you don’t need to make a post about it.

If you read the tool tips on your skills you will see that you are using two that both SPEND hatred. You need to have one that builds hatred before you can use the ones that spend it.

I assume this is the character you are having issues with.

Change the left button to a hatred generator then you can use the right button for the hatred spender.

You can get help on the Demon Hunter Forum if you wish, or you can read guides like Icy Veins Demon Hunter Leveling and Fresh 70 Guide - Diablo 3 - Icy Veins

I too had issues with this, couldn’t find any such “+ new topic” button, turned out I wasn’t logged in.

Sages still does not double deaths breath in Torments higher than 13. Will not give more than 4. Below torment 13 you can get up to 6.

When I farm T16 while wearing Sage’s Journey, I’m getting 6 Death’s Breaths when 3 would normally drop. Most of the time I’m getting 8 DBs when 4 would normally drop.

And that’s when I kill Elites at the edge of the screen with my UE/SJ MS Demon Hunter build.

I don’t see where the bug is.

Some thing has come up in a recent report that should be added to Known Issues.
There are a few Bounties that are sometimes bugged and cannot be completed.
The two biggest offenders are The Apothecary’s Brother and Jar of Souls.
I believe there is one in Act V as well. Lost Legion?