Player List of Known Issues

Those have had reported issues for years. The problem (for me), is that I can’t replicate them. It seems to be a fairly rare issue and I don’t know much about it.

If you want to point me to a detailed bug report post that gives me a better grip on it, please do. I want to be sure to detail the circumstances before putting it on the list.

I can’t find a recent report for Rike the Apothecary
I’ve not had these happen to me.
One glitch that I have seen is the lit circle not clearing.
It usually happens in Catapult Bounty and sometimes in Ancient Devices, Free the Prisoners, Rathma’s Gift, etc.
It doesn’t prevent the Bounty from completing, but it has confused many players.
I just mention these because they are long standing bugs that have not been fixed.

Sept 6, 2019

Added work around for Language Selection issue.

Blizzard post in Tech Support about it

I had the Apothecary’s brother bug… once. My bug report: Diablo 3 Forums

Yes. Happened to me again a couple of days ago.

You mean “monsters that are actually killed but look alive and waiting (animated but not moving)” ?

There are variations of this bug. Some examples are posted below. Some of them (the videos) go back to Season 6. Some are from the PTR and some are from the Live game. This has been an issue for a long time. Fortunately, it is usually an occasional issue.

This Season, yesterday as a matter of fact, I encountered the monster bug shown in the third video (above) while running a Greater Rift. This time the entire GRift Level was populated with these Morlu. About one-third of these monsters were able to be killed. The other two-thirds could not be killed. Luckily, they do not pursue or attack once you kill them the first time.

I did not video capture yesterday’s issue. And it is the only time, so far, I’ve experienced it this Season.

Legacy Of Dreams gem is disappearing from stash, happen twice now lvl 80 first time and 75 second time. Put in stash to lvl when on my Barb. No, its not on any other toon before you ask.

If you ask nicely, I’m sure the Enchanteress of DoctorHam will give you back the lvl 75 LoD.


So, #7, the bit about unkillable monsters: does that cover single monsters who are chasing you around the map, attacking you, but you can’t hurt them or kill them via any means, you can’t hover the mouse over them to see their name or health, and they can still do damage to you and interrupt your town portal?

I had this happen, and took a screenshot of it, which I can upload if you want. I did a bit of Googling and found that this has happened to other players, too.

Hello MissCheetah… you may want to update this last part… The conversation linked was closed accidentally a month ago and a new conversation opened. The most recent update by Blizzard is now in:

Updated to add these two. Issues with grouping, last played with, and other social indicators also persist.

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I am not able to extract ambos pride even if I have materials and using barbarian

Do you already have it extracted?

Hi Thorin

Make sure you use the new one… not the old one. I did try the new one (see screenshot below)… power was extracted properly

On the screenshot, you can also see the empty diamond to the left of the power… the indication that the power is available to be extracted.

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Patch 2.6.7
Tuesday, November 12, 2019 11:00 PM EST
Americas Region

I still cannot reset my in-game status to “Available” after changing it to “Away”.

The only way I can reset it is to tab out of the game and change my status on the Blizzard Desktop App from “Away” to “Online”. This automatically resets my status in-game to “Available”.

The Hematic Key Bounty in Act 2 is glitched and cannot be completed. All enemeies in the room were killed, the door to level 2 was opened, but the bounty does not complete.

I have a noticed an issue with my Wizards attack. I have a level 70, plus 57 paragon. My attack stat keeps changing everytime I gather equipment in adventure mode. I second I am at 552k in attack, then when I go to a level, I am at 1124K in attack. Then after I pick up loot, I am back to 552k.

I can’t drop the crafting recipe for the level 70 Crimson set. I’ve seen this bug is here since 2015. it’s very nice to report this bug for no reason

did not see this one, during rift/grift, non-hardcore, on death and revive, a group of monsters have near invulnerability, i found a workaround for it, but is time consuming, just exit level and re-enter to correct, but cost time when in Grifts