Player List of Known Issues

This is a Player generated list of known issues from the older version of the forums. Posting here so we don’t lose track. Note: MVPs are just other players, not Blizzard staff! This is not an official Blizzard post.

If you have an error code please proceed to the Tech Support forum. Those are not usually game bugs and should be first reviewed with TS to get clarification. They are hardware/software errors you can usually remedy.


1. Season Journey vanishes in interface. Work around Season Journey and Achievement Bug [Solution]

2. Recent Players list missing from friends interface. Reported Dec 2018. Confirmed as a bug. No ETA yet for a fix. Requires Battlenet team as well as D3 team to fix.

3. MAC issue with mouse cursor going missing. See Mac TS forum for work around. Diablo 3 Forums

4. Blue Goblins give no loot. The goblin does not properly split and drop loot if killed too fast. Work around is to slow down DPS and let them split all the way.

5. Can’t enter portal on a greater rift level Random bug that has happened for a long time. No work around.

6. Can’t revive in a rift. Happens in both Normal and GRs. This is very random and the only work around is to make a new game.

7. Unkillable monsters. This is also random and long standing. No work around.

8. Armory weapon/ring swap issue. Armory fails to change gear properly when switching build (a ring is on left hand in one build, but on right hand in another build. Same for weapon.) Credit Maskraider

  1. September 2019. Game Language defaulting to English instead of chosen language. Work around is to set the launch parameters to your language.
  1. Sept 10, 2019
    After Battlenet Maintenance there has been an issue with group and community communications, leaving party, etc. Blizzard is aware and investigating. Issue lies with the major changes to the battlenet communications framework from Maint. Thread with Blizzard replies List of Bugs After Maintenance 9/10 and 9/18

  2. Sept 2019. Website Armory Profiles not available. RESOLVED

  3. Oct 2019. Silenced players can not create games. This is acknowledged as a bug. There is no work around or ETA on a fix right now.

  4. Crusader: Fist of the Heavens - Divine Well (rune) - Holy bolts do not zap enemies while traveling, resulting in no extra damage. Reported by @Zeromancer

Things That Are NOT Bugs
Is this a bug or what?
Recent players Confirmed as an error
Blue goblin didn't spawn minis
Gelatinous Goblins and Bandit Loot Disappearing
Undying ennemies
Death Screen Bug
Unkillable mobs after killing grift boss
Bug journey and achievement
What a divorce?
Gelatinous Sire sometimes does not split into smaller goblins [PS4]nto
Can't continue to next "floor" in rift
Immortal mobs in adventure mode
Seasonal prog not showing
Cant enter portal
GR unique boss invincible
Gelatinous Goblin
Can't enter next rift lvl
Died in Grift, no Choice-Button appearing
Freeze no progression in rift
Gelatinous Sire bug
Armory loads wrong ring
Achievements not showing
Unable to show season journey quest and achievement after killing and got killed by Malthael at same time
Bugged enemies playing with the Arcanist
Enemy won't die
No way to revive after dying
Bug - A critter doesn't die, get stuck with 1 health
Known Bugs Still In-Game
Bug? Monster not Killed
Unkillable rare chasing me
Can not see this season menu
Game shows im not seasonal to others, and vice versa. Unable to join games in Public & Private
Game does not show any seasonal progression
Can't Rez in Rift
Blood Rush Revive Bug
Died on Seasonal GR - revive window missing
Can't resurrect
Can't rez in GR
Died but no revive menu appeared
Tier 16 rift Enchanted Illusion 2
Stuck due to bug
Season Jorney and Achievment bugs
Monsters that cannot be killed in rifts
Unkillable Mobs/unable to complete bounty requirements
Enemies cannot die and they keep chasing and damaging me [Image included]
In-game achievement not popping despite completing criteria
Achievements gone blank
Unkillable Monster
Killed Gelatinous Goblin No Loot
Died to Super Awesome Sparkle Cake
Died just as Paragon ding, during chest event = frozen
Invincible mob against Belial blocks quest
Died as I leveled No ability to rez
Invincible Bug Swarm Mob
Jornada de Temporada
Problème rejetons gélatineux
Hydra Mage Set Bug
No Resurrect Option in GR
Unable to respawn in GRift when dead
The 1 hp invulnerable bug
Lost HC toon to boss bug!
Season journey blank
Unable to revive
Gelatinous Sire Goblin Disappearing
Monster Won't Die!
Gelatinous Sire
Achievements missing message
Bug enemie stay with 1HP and is invulnerable
Achievements Missing
Bounty Bosses Not Dying
Done GR70 But still no primal drops
Enemy champion spawned via the effect from Nemis Bracer not dying
Immortal enemies?!
Error en contratos
Enemies stuck at 1hp
Не могут меня воскресить...Служба поддержки вместо помощи отправила на х*р
Kill all ennemies bounty bug
Unable to move to new Neph rift level
Bug in the journey and rank information window
Monster Glitches?
Season Journey bug showing blank journey
Unkillable mobs in GR
No season rewards and quests
Game not giving option to resurrect
Bounty Wormsign bugged
Season Journey/Quest not appearing
No revive window upon death in Greater Rift. Had to restart client
Unkillable monster in standard rift after mass kill
Falling sword death mid air
No rebirth screen on Death bug
Dying in GR and Resurrection Screen (Season 20)
Death caused softlock
Bugs 1HP undead mob
Game not giving option to resurrect
Mobs 1 HP left and will not die
Simultaneous death/level bug
No puedo ver mis logros
Can't load rift floor 2
Season Journey Menu not working
Cant revive after GR death; bug
Haedrig's Gift unavailable
The enemy don't die
Gallert with no loot
Could not get revived
GRift Death lock
No option for resurrection
Dying without a resurrection option
Died and have no menu to respawn
Achievements not working
Change to next level impossible while normal Portal
Stuck dead in grift
Season Journey Window fails
Unhittable monster
Death to invisible enemy that can't die
Unkillable enemies
No revive button after death
Seasonal Journey menu and Achievements Broken
Enemies don't die
Don't respond to pm asking for carry: People are abusing the report feature
DIablo 3 ROS Imac
Gelatinous Sire + Mystic Ally = no loot?
Enemy becomes immune to kills, has anyone experience this
Frost Hydras glitching mobs maybe?
Die without resp options
Drop rate issue
Console 1hp bug
"Not The Cow Level" cannot revive after death
Gelatinous sire
3 Times this week I've died in a GR and can't res
No resurrection
Muted account cant start New game
Newbie T9 question
Chicken Bomber not killing off all enemies
Can't Revive on death
Blue goblin disappearing bug
After killing Rift Guardian lacuni attacks and wont die
Monster stuck at one hp
Can't see achievements or season journey
Immortal mobs that can ruin our game
Mort en upant mes gem legendaires
Only the party leader is allowed in
Rakkis Crossing; Gelatinous Sire Bug
Баг сезонного похода
Grater Rift Guardian Unkillable
Gelatinous Goblin not generating 3rd set of spawns
Dead enemies stuck/following char./attacking & more
Journey the word ! MISSING ! 0
Stuck dead in greater rift on Necromancer
Gelatiouns Goblins Broken
Unkillable Monsters?
Cant see my success by my chars
My game did not give me seasonal journey and my achievements aren't loading
Seasonal Achievements are not showing in menu
Cannot revive in Greater Rift
No season journey after game crashed. it comes up blank
No "You Have Died" Message
No access to Season 24 objectives / rewards
Screen stuck without option to revive on Seasonal non-HC
Immortal elite pack
No blue babies spawned
No Respawn after dying in PTR
Meine Errungenschaften und Season aufgaben werden nicht angezeigt
Killed enemies attack me
Bugged Gelatinous Spawn?
Eminies not dying
I can’t access my seasonal log anymore
Death-Can't Continue
Goblin bug on xbox
Gelatinous Sire 8 smallest ones don't spawn
Only available to party leader, cant play game
Goblin didn't drop anything
Created t16 rift, keeps returning me to town
Can’t Enter Normal Rift
Killed Gelatinous Sire, it didn't duplicate
Season's journey page is blank
The breaking of the blues (Goblin)
Season 23 - all data or achievements lost
2.7.1 Patch Notes Ethereal Loot Chase
Gelatinous Goblins
Cant do damage after I die and rez
Unable to view season journey progress
Season missions disappeared
Blue goblins disappear
Gelatinous sire disappearing in Vault - no loot
Greater Rift - Unkillable creep
Achievements not found
Leaderboard & Season Journey not loading?
Monk Cyclone & Goblins
Challenges BUG. Leave it to Blizzard CEO
Blue Goblin Bug
Unable to resurrect in Rifts
Died but the game still thinks I'm alive
S24, I cant open Season journey and Achievemnets
Achievement and Seasonal quests not showing in game
Blue Goblins bug
Regular rift - Mobs immune (Resolved - Not a bug)
Buttons for resurrecting after death do not appear
Monsters with infinite Health
Unkillable Monster after completing a rift
Monster verschwinden nicht
Blue gob disappear
Enemies surviving after death in speed Grifts
Gelatinous sire didn't spawn the smallest, loot-giving part
Unkillable Mobs Bounty
Elites not dying
Stuck in game after death, no option menu for revive/etc
Gelatinous Sire/Spawn No Loot Bug
QOL Requests and Ideas
I died no resurrect option was available
Monster verschwinden nicht
Mobs not dying on zero hit points
Game bug with blue goblins
Unkillable monsters
Gel Gob's and other broken
Blue Gobs not dropping loot
Season 26 Ice Clan warrior not dying
Blue Gobby disappearing after second split
Gelatinous Spawn disappearing
Diablo III Goblin Glitch
Gelatinus goblin disappear pc 9/5/2022
Blue goblins bug out
No Bug Firebird/Morlu not working properly
2 bugs in Diablo 3
No Menu to revive after random deaths
Can't revive in Great Rift after killed by the Guardian
No revive after dying
Undying ghostly elite monsters
GR Death Bug (season 27)
Season 27 GR - Unable to respawn
Elite ghost attacking
GR mobs attacking after killed boss
Using a healing well while dying softlocks the game
Can't change map
Missing achievements page and season journey
Gelatinous Sire Monk Bug
No puedo ver los objetivos de la temporada 18
Goblins didn't drop Loot
No revive button after death
Enemies don't die yet again!
Снова не работают поручения
Can't exit level in nephalem rift
Problema ao abrir a jornada da temporada
Bug in armory bulkatros
No Resurrect Opportunity Given
Season 28 treasure goblin issue
Gelatinous sire
Bug with blue gobelin
Unable to rez in GR / No buttons
Bugged floor non completable
Armoury not assigning correct gear
Gelatinious goblin
Died in a softcore GR, could not respawn
1 HP undead mob
Gelatinous sire bug

How on earth can I create a new topic on this forum!!!


If you feel you have found an actual bug, you click the box at the top right that says “+ New Topic”

Move your mouse to the title box and click it - enter a title.

Move the mouse back to the post box and enter your bug report text. Hit “+Create Topic” at the bottom left of the post box.

Edit - before posting, you might want to check the “Things that are not bugs” post as well. It covers many common misconceptions and game mechanics.


We need some stickies here. (Like How to Write a Good Bug Report).

This thread needs to be stickied too.


Yeah, this does need a sticky as well as the “not a bug” thread. Not sure why we still don’t have that, or even the normal Bug Report sticky blue threads.


How about just having Nevalistis “pin” the topic as she did in the Barbarian forum ?

That would work the same, I would think…

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The Bug Report forums belong to QA, not the Community Managers. It is kind of a fine distinction, but they don’t like to step on toes.

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I wish there was another way…

@Blizzard : please pin this conversation so we don’t need to bump it every 2 days or so !!! TY !!!

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Thank you again, Nevalistis :+1:

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Thank you! Hopefully this helps avoid some repeat reports.

We still need a “How to Write a Good Bug Report” stickied too.

Oddly enough, one was put in the PTR Bug Report Forum, but still has not made it here.

Time, man. :frowning: I’ll see if I can copy/paste the Good Bug Report thread over here when I get a chance.


Thank you, Nev. :heart:

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Where does 1 report a bug? As creating a new post is disabled.

My character became unplayable because its lost is primary ability. I got 2 secondary abilities which dont work because i cannot gather hatred as DH

That is not a bug so you don’t need to make a post about it.

If you read the tool tips on your skills you will see that you are using two that both SPEND hatred. You need to have one that builds hatred before you can use the ones that spend it.

I assume this is the character you are having issues with.

Change the left button to a hatred generator then you can use the right button for the hatred spender.

You can get help on the Demon Hunter Forum if you wish, or you can read guides like Icy Veins Demon Hunter Leveling and Fresh 70 Guide - Diablo 3 - Icy Veins

I too had issues with this, couldn’t find any such “+ new topic” button, turned out I wasn’t logged in.

Sages still does not double deaths breath in Torments higher than 13. Will not give more than 4. Below torment 13 you can get up to 6.

When I farm T16 while wearing Sage’s Journey, I’m getting 6 Death’s Breaths when 3 would normally drop. Most of the time I’m getting 8 DBs when 4 would normally drop.

And that’s when I kill Elites at the edge of the screen with my UE/SJ MS Demon Hunter build.

I don’t see where the bug is.

Some thing has come up in a recent report that should be added to Known Issues.
There are a few Bounties that are sometimes bugged and cannot be completed.
The two biggest offenders are The Apothecary’s Brother and Jar of Souls.
I believe there is one in Act V as well. Lost Legion?