[Feedback Thread Continued Part III] Mercy Updates - Jan 30, 2018

Good day all,

Since the balance updates that hit live January 30th, 2018, discussion around the current state of Mercy has continued to be a major subject within the community.

This is a continuation from the previous topic on the forums that is approaching its maximum post cap. Please continue sharing your impressions and opinions in this thread.



  • No longer makes Resurrect instant

  • No longer grants a bonus Resurrect charge

  • The speed bonus Guardian Angel receives when activating Valkyrie has been decreased by 50%Duration reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds

Developer Comments: Mercy’s recent Resurrect changes have helped in allowing enemies to have more counter play in dealing with her, but she was able to use Resurrect through Valkyrie enough to largely mitigate the impact of the previous changes. Additionally, we’re toning back the amount of mobility Valkyrie provides through Guardian Angel and reducing its duration to overall reduce the power of this ability.

We are very active on the forums and read your feedback daily. Thank you for providing us your accounts and experiences, as it provides insight to us on how we can improve Overwatch.



Obviously this could be argued :blush: but isn’t getting a defensive assist equally life-saving? And with the other supports ability to heal more, stun and shield, isn’t it justified that they don’t have res?- making her an equal support as opposed to the best? I don’t think she needs to be the best but with equalness in support output, I think it’s a bit odd that she has some of the weakest self defense from hide and res till now and continuing. And does that make healers who don’t die inevitably better? Let’s keep a polite discussion please :thinking::nerd_face:


94.76% of matches in the OWL say differently, along with her top 3 pickrate on latter.


It’s only special for one shot mechanics like widow… That’s why she’s used so much in OWL. If your widow misses and gets killed she gets a free second chance.


Sure, a defensive assist is life saving, but that takes significantly more skill than standing behind a barrier and pressing E when the game prompts you to.

There’s a lot more risk when talking about other abilities than to Res. Most other defensive assists put both heroes at risk. Sure, you can argue that Mercy is at risk when she tries to rez, but if she’s good, she’s behind something and not much can hit her.

A good mercy won’t res unless it’s confirmed that she can by her own judging. A good support of any other hero will likely put in more effort to save you, as they can generally do more than Mercy can on their own.

It’s really a toss up.


Is pro usage a steady stat to balance average gameplay? In that regard one may (pun intended) argue Mei isn’t balanced just because pros don’t run her as much, even though her buffs and proven healthy.


Mercy isn’t defenseless, she’s just more of the “flight” kind than the “fight” kind though. She’s better at kiting the flankers than at killing them, but her mobility gives her great survivability. And her beams that attach makes it possible for her to heal while fleeing…


I await to see how Brigitte who can prevent headshot death will adjust Mercys pickrate. But great point

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We all know that they look at both pro, casual and competitive at all levels. This is not a mystery if they’ve kept up with Kaplan’s comments.

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i say they mean something, if a hero is used for over 90% of matches at the highest level of the game they likely don’t need a buff, but there’s also the part where she is in the top 3 pick-rate on the comp latter.


Thanks for another trashcan where Mercy threads can be thrown :D. I can really tell that our feedback matters to the Overwatch team and it’s great that you’ve been giving us updates on what you guys have been doing to Mercy and what you think her path will be! /s


Are we seriously starting yet another thread? Are we going to keep doing this until Overwatch 2 is released?


Mercy needs huge buffs
give her 150 shields


self barrier/bubble


I only want to be one of the first posts in this thread, pretty sure will reach 15.459 posts in exactly 1 month, 13 days and 18 hours.

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Did that last thread really go that many replies without a DEV issuing a statement? lol


but hey, they read it!


finally i can be one of the first few posts…

mercy is balanced right now tho


Hey! Mercy thread part 20! Months after the last nerf! Why is this still a thing?


Cool, I’m putting my recent post here again just because i’m that kind of person and i’m getting tired of this.

Listen, Mercy was a victim of certain bad balance choices around her. Now hear me out. Ana was released onto the pc on 7/19/16 Overwatch Forums

then on 8/2/16 Anas’ rate of fire and magazine size was increased because they deemed her as a little weak. Overwatch Forums

On 9/2/16 Lucios’ amp it up on the ps4 was decreased by 30% due to him being a “must pick” Overwatch Forums

then on 10/11/16 everything started going downhill for Ana. Anas’ ultimate cost was increased by 20% and her grenade radius was increased by 3 to 4 meters Overwatch Forums.

Then on 11/14/16 Anas’ ult no longer gave speed boost to whoever she applied it to and Lucios’ Amp it up was decreased by 10 % while Blizzard claimed it made him a mandetory pick Overwatch Forums .

As the new year rolled around so did more nerfs for Ana, decreasing her Biotic grenade healing boost by 50% as they claimed it had “too much healing” Overwatch Forums

In February which im sure it miffed a lot of people off is when, wait for it, Mercys’ invulnerability as she rez’d was implemented due to the fact she died a lot to use it. Overwatch Forums

On March 20, 2017 Ana again was nerfed(feels bad man), her damage being decreased from 80 dps to 60 dps to make her “less threatening ” Overwatch Forums

After Ana was nerfed, it looked like it was Lucios’ turn to face the music because due to him still being a must pick on April 7 ,2017 his area of healing was reduced from 30m to 10m , his hps was increased by 30% and self heals reduced by 25% because of his must pick status of raw healing it forced him to stay close to his team Overwatch Forums

That leaving Mercy/Zen in the support roster as the only main healers until mercys’ rework on sept 19, 2017 (Moira wasn’t introduced until Nov 16, 2017 Overwatch Forums).
(Note: Anas dps was increased from 60 to 70 dps last november in the patch Moira was introduced but it doesn’t matter considering Dive was and is the current meta as of right now, which isn’t helping her in the slightest as a sniper when she can’t get to high places and Anas’ only method of escape is her sleep dart .)
(If I missed anything please let me know.)
*Also put mass res as an ult again with tweaks please


A fresh Mercy megathread? Hopefully the old 20k one is still around so users can still grind trust level 3 requirements.