Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

Debuffing a single enemy’s damage output for damn near 40% of the game is spammable, or at least oppressive. CD would reset on cast, so there’s 4 seconds of debuff, 6.5 seconds no debuff, repeat. All while healing/Damage boosting. ( except for a total of .75 sec )

I’m open to other “E” abilities, I just think 50hp/sec is what a lot of people want, and this could lessen the impact of the healing nerf.

Reins shield is not equal to blue beam, it’s equal to yellow beam.

Ana and moira are burst healers.

mercy is our only pure healer.

the rest are off healers.

which are loosely just hybrids with light heals and high utility

we need more pure healer options as mercy is our only real option currently.

mercy just has a power bubble currently like rein used to before orisa was added.

So is Ana’s sleepdart spammable? Or oppressive?


It would be if it was a huge hitscan beam (waaaaay more consistant, waaaaay better range) , and if it’s effects couldn’t be cleansed. Ana earns her sleeps, this ability is just poof you are 33% less effective for just less than 40% of the match. Even if sleep hit every time, on CD, it’s still only 5.5 sec out of every 12.5 sec in optimal conditions.

It’s the concept of the abilty (a skillshot that debuffs enemy damage) that’s important, here.

Everything else about it - numbers, shot type, etc. - are just details that can be adjusted.

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Might I direct you to:


Your idea reminds me of a Paladin ability in World of Warcraft. Flame of hope or something it was called you could place it on an ally and the ally would get 50% of the heals you put out on others.


Then let’s discuss the numbers. I don’t think the debuff should last so long, as it would feel oppressive/spammable.

Four seconds is already the shortest debuff duration in the game, though…

Hack: 6 seconds
Sleep: 5.5 seconds
Discord: indefinite

It’s important to remember that unlike hack/sleep, which disable and shut down the enemy, Pacify only hinders the enemy.

Also: Pacify is dung at hindering pellet damage. It would be really effective to hinder burst damage heroes like Pharah and Widowmaker, but shotgun heroes like Reaper and Winston would barely feel the difference. Ignore that paragraph. After doing the math, I realized that my assumption was wrong.


If so, then why aren’t you complaining about Ana’s 'nade, which is far more potent than Pacify?

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Because it’s an arcing grenade that has soooooo many potential uses, as opposed to 1 use, and anas only self heal. There is also min-maxing the number of nade to take into account. Pacify has 1 use. Spam spam spam.

Assuming it lands every time. There is a .5 second launch delay, similar to Ana’s Sleep Dart.

That’s a 46% uptime: A greater uptime than Pacify’s 40%.

How would pellets not be effected? Can you show some math? (Not trying to be a d***, just want specific values) also hack technically doesn’t shut enemies down, as their primary fire still works, and they can move.

Shortening the duration would keep the potential for “clutch plays” while not being as oppressive, especially to offensive ults.

Yeah, the uptime is better in optimal conditions, but pacify will be much closer to its optimal uptime than sleep in actual gameplay

That’s still more than Pacify can do. Pacify only changes damage numbers. Mobility, utility, CC, barriers, and healing remain completely untouched by Pacify. Hack and Sleep Dart shut all of these down.


And Sleep Dart is much more powerful when landed in actual gameplay. Tradeoffs. More reward for greater risk versus less reward for less risk.

In that case Ana’s sleep dart and Biotic Grenade are also spammable, which is not the case. Effectively Ana’s Sleep Dart and Biotic Grenade have a effective CD of 6.5s and 6s and the duration of both is the same/higher. On top of that both have a far bigger impact/amount of utility than Pacify. They are just as much spammable as Pacify would be. Overall Ana would still have way more utility than Mercy.

But if you don’t agree with the numbers of it i can see that. We worked on that for like a month, but have no way to test it. Just see it as the fundamental idea of it for now which can be adjusted.

I think as well that Pacify would justify 50 HP/s. But the other players/people with which i worked on that said it should stay at 60 HP/s with Pacify.

As a very good Reinhardt and Mercy player i can tell you that both are big parts of said heroes. They are fundamental things which would make both feel just empty if you remove them.
With the current 50 HP/s nerf on Mercy it feels already like that (unless you go full DmgB).
That was my point.

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The high impact of sleep and nade makes them less spammable. Pacify isn’t as good, so it can be spammed more freely without “optimal” conditions. I like the pacify concept, and I’d be fine with it if it was balanced and engaging. I think tweaking the specs could make it more engaging.

No harm in asking for the math. I went in and did some calculations…

Oops. It looks like I was wrong. (headdesk) I should have done the match before I went and made that claim. Sorry!

I did describe both Ana’s and Sombra’s debuffs as “shut downs and disables.”

Ana shuts down an enemy. Sombra disables them.

Sombra’s hack is the bane of tanks and all ability based dps. If it weren’t for all the bugs plaguing it, the autolock nature of hack (as in you don’t have to aim it) would have made it a potent, consistent disabling tool.

Pacify doesn’t prevent enemies from using their ults or abilties. In fact, it doesn’t prevent the effected enemy from using any part of their kit. It metaphorically blunts the edge of a sword, but it doesn’t stop it from being swung in any way. I’d even go so far as to call it the weakest cc/debuff in the game… and that’s okay. It rounds out Mercy’s kit and gives her a higher skill ceiling. No need to try and steal the “utility healer” crown from Ana.