The Anger Around the PTR Mercy Buffs Explained

Edit: Hey. Check the date before you necro threads that have been dead for over a year. Thanks.

If you’ve been on the forums for five minutes over the past twenty-three hours, you know exactly what I’m about to talk about.

For those of you who are on the forums just long enough to open and read this post, I’ll reiterate the situation for you.

First, this happened:

And then… well, just read the comments in that same thread. A LOT of Mercy players, including myself, are thoroughly dissatisfied and outright angry with this change. Why?

I see a lot of hypotheses on the topic…

“Mercy mains are ungrateful.”
“Mercy mains are entitled.”
“Mercy mains just want attention.”
“Mercy mains just want Mercy to be overpowered.”
“Mercy mains will never be happy.”

All of these are built upon a position of ignorance.

I know that a lot of those cases stem from willful ignorance, but I’m making this post to inform the readers nonetheless, in hopes that maybe some people will have a better understanding of the situation.

So why are we upset?

That’s a simple question with a long answer. Buckle up.

To understand the problem, we need to identify what the change is; it’s a flat buff to Valkyrie that effectively reverts the ability back to its state prior to the healing nerf several months ago.

“That’s just a buff,” You might say. “It only serves to bring her back into viability. How can you be unhappy with that?”

The problem is that it misses our primary concerns entirely. The “It only serves to bring her back into viability” is exactly the problem here; if we only cared about Mercy being viable, we would not have been expressing discontent during the 10 months in which Mercy was within must-pick status. We would not have been playing Mercy during Season 3, when she was an outright troll-pick, if we only cared about viability.

Our concerns are based around something detached from balance; Mercy isn’t fun to play in her current state. She hasn’t been fun to play for a very long time, and this includes the period during which she had a healing rate of 60 health/second in Valkyrie.

A buff isn’t what we wanted. A buff only wastes time and delays the process of producing remotely desirable results. Again, the overpowered versions of Mercy 2.x were unsatisfactory to us; what makes you think that a balanced version of 2.x will be any better? It’s simply impractical to attempt to balance the current build of Mercy when you’re going to need to apply drastic changes to Mercy later anyway due to missing the problem entirely… and this problem has been going on for far too long to be justified with “damage control” or “band-aid fixes”. We need an overhaul.

It’s not a step in the right direction. It’s just… a step. There is no direction to it.

The anger goes deeper than that, however. I don’t think it would be far-fetched to say that no other ability within a character is hated more by that character’s respective playerbase than Valkyrie is by Mercy players. The most popular thread of all time on the Overwatch Forums at the very least calls for Valkyrie to be taken off the ultimate slot, and at the most, calls for Valkyrie to be removed from the game entirely. I’m not alone when I say that I outright despise this sad excuse of an “ultimate”.

And… after the developers pulled power out of Mercy’s base healing to make room for a certain ability with a 30 second cooldown, they then turned around to revert that change for Valkyrie; the ability that would satisfy us more by not existing than by existing. This patch is less of an attempt to solve Mercy’s problems, and more of a middle finger to those of us who have been advocating for another Mercy rework for over a year now.

It shows that once again, despite over a year of voicing our concerns, 12 megathreads, countless decentralized threads and posts, and thousands of complaints from Youtubers and Streamers, that the developers are utterly oblivious to the primary concerns driving this discontent in the first place. If not that, then it shows how crippled they are by sunk cost fallacy.

If you want to fix a problem, you need to first understand what it is. The developers haven’t demonstrated the ability to even go that far, and we are over a year into this mistake of a rework. Despite being told repeatedly how our feedback is so important to the developers…

We have seen nothing but apathy and disregard from those very developers.

That is why we are upset.


Isnt the whole revertmercy thing disregarding Blizzard not wanting mass rez in their game


You can nerf Mercy as much as you want.

But you can’t nerf Titanium’s threads.


People wanted something new, cool, and fun, and instead got a very vanilla balance adjustment.


Too many people are being armchair devs. Too many. Remember the ana buffs? 14 ammo, peircing shots? They were both called useless because it didnt fix the core problem with her kit (10 sec regen, which she also has to use her best ability for)

But blizzard found a way. They always do. This is one change. Go play it on PTR. Give them playable stats to figure out the next course of action. Mercy is easily the most focused on hero, and they wont let her be bad.


Please find a single sentence in this thread in which I state that a straight revert is the way to go.

Blizzard has never stated that Mass-Resurrect will in no way be re-implemented.

They said that they didn’t have any plans to revert Mercy half a year ago. They never said that they weren’t open to other versions of Mass-Resurrect.


Same thing for roadhog and reaper and symmetra. they got vanilla adjustments. They did not get the shadowstep replacement or buff they wanted. Hog did not get the tanking ability people wanted. Yet very few people complained about those buffs.

The problem many folks are having is that there was a whole slew of mercy players complaining about buffs.


Do you not think that Blizzard tried to make mass rez work several times before removing it


I would be way less mad if in the dev update they would have acknowledged our concerns. Maybe even say they are looking into reworking her again. But like this it just feels like they dont care at all about the feedback we gave them.

The toxic people around here will focus on this part. Bet?


Let me stop you right there.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but if your opinions go against what they have planned for a character they will ignore it and do what they want and make them viable in their goal standards.

If buffing Valkyrie is their way to go then they clearly have no intent of removing it, so don’t advocate for a revert, think of new ideas that they might listen to.

Also hi


We already know how Valkyrie with 60 health/second will play out. We had 4 months of that before her healing nerf.


I think that Blizzard tried the wrong things before prematurely giving up on the most iconic ultimate in the game.


No, we don’t. We know how 60 HPS Mercy with 60 HPS Valk played out. We don’t know how a 50 HPS Mercy with 60 HPS on Valk will play out, especially when other supports got significant buffs.

Even Valkyrie on its own will play out differently when other support ultimates got buffed.


Different meta landscape, different impact. Mercy is pretty poorly designed though so I do agree that nothing will change and valkyrie will still be used to take her out of the fight so that the team has to worry about one less player making a mistake. But blizzard made a change. That means they are willing to see it through. If mercies state in the game truly doesnt change, then they will 100% buff her again


No, i am very ecstatic that healbot.exe has received an upgrade. It will be more efficient and useful now.

What is this ‘fun’ you speak of?


Id say theyre kinda different since they didnt get a rework that no one asked, become a must pick, then subsequently nerfed just so that they are in a way ‘balanced’.

They arent complained much about because theyre general base kit and overall is fun and good, they just needed simple changes and tweaks. Mercy on the other hand, oh boy, that dumpster fire just keeps burning.


Eh I would give that to Winston

It was in the first trailer and 2 other cinematics

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Your very post goes against you. We HAD Mercy with 60HPS across the board and it wasn’t good. Now we just have Mercy with partial 60HPS. We can and do know exactly how that will perform. It’s still her in a weakened version of a bad overall state.


I love the “mercy isn’t fun to play anymore”
Q: Did anything change in her kit that she isn’t fun anymore?
A: No, nothing changed, numbers got toned down
Q: Then why isn’t she fun anymore?
A: Now she cannot outheal the damage a target receives for poor positionning (see the soldier/mac cree standing in front of Rein’s shield)
Q: Then what was fun about mercy before?
A: She had a ridiculous impact for a healbot keeping M1 in the general direction of an ally


Dont invent your own answers and act as if what’s what the Mercy players said.