[Feedback Thread Continued Part IV] Mercy Updates - Jan 30, 2018


As the megathread is closed, a fellow forum user has suggested we make another mega thread:

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Good day all,

Since the balance updates that hit live January 30th, 2018, discussion around the current state of Mercy has continued to be a major subject within the community.

This is a continuation from the previous topic on the forums that is approaching its maximum post cap. Please continue sharing your impressions and opinions in this thread.

Please also post your feedback on the balance change regarding Mercy as of 19 July, 2018.

We are very active on the forums and read your feedback daily. Thank you for providing us your accounts and experiences, as it provides insight to us on how we can improve Overwatch.


Mercy nerf is idiotic :-1:
Question for mercy mains
Allow Mercy Counters balance her not Her mains
Indirect vs Direct balance changes - "Waaaaa mercy waaaa"
Best Way Is The Old Way #RevertMercy
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[Feedback Thread Continued Part III] Mercy Updates - Jan 30, 2018
Mercy rework was not successful
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Hey, how are we supposed to ''focus on the Mercy Megathread''

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Please no god why no. I don’t want my forums going into here and never be read again


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I love it! Thank you! I’m glad someone on the developer team and the mods are looking out and reading our feedback daily! Thank you James! Best. Mod. Ever.


Holy part IV.
Well, looks like ther is a lot to say about her.


I am also a Community Manager now :sunglasses:



Is there any chance of us seeing a Mercy rework in the near future?


PAH! Why would we do that when we can nerf her some more?


yay! back behind bars!

(you can’t hold me for long)


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Bad nerf
Just admit that her rework did more harm to balance her than good


James for official Blizzard spokesperson in 2018…

In the frequent words of Jellyandjam: “Let’s make it happen”


Of course! Are we looking at more Healing nerfs?

I’m thinking that since Mercy is the dedicated hero of Overwatch whose primary job is to heal, I think we should nerf her healing to 0HP/S and have her beam lock onto enemies instead of allies dealing 60DP/S. Her 30% Damage Boost will now become a 30% Damage Decrease on enemies.



How about not, very, very no!


Yikes, could you imagine?

hey guys it’s James from the Overwatch nervous swallow development team. Today I am here to fill you guys in on some exciting upcoming changes to Mercy.

We have decided that Resurrect is too strong, so we are trying to make Resurrect her primary fire. We think this is great because who actually cares about balance? Funny stuff.


Y’know, it’d be really nice to hear what the devs have to say about what fans are saying about Mercy’s rework and all the subsequent nerfs because clearly they’re actively choosing to sculpt Mercy into something different from what most folks here have in mind.


Are you sure this nerf will be effective enough? I think any attempt to rez a fellow team-member should have a 50/50 chance of actually rezzing an enemy player instead…


Omega lol


No I think if Mercy gets into 5M range and finishes her cast time on an enemy it instantly deletes them? Does that sound fair?


I don’t think their “sculpting” her into anything. they’re trying to make the other supports more relevant by nerfing her to oblivion


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