Blizz are you ok?


So THIS is going to help???

With her being this??? Do you not remember when it was ORIGINALLY 50HP/S???

You just buffed all other supports healing power. While gutting the overall healing power of Mercy.

I’m sorry but the best change you ever made to Mercy was the 50HP/S to 60HP/S change because Mercy could actually keep people alive.

Do you want to know the sole reason as to why she is out healing every single support?

Maybe it’s because she was turned into a niche single target healer into an AOE healer? Something that Mercy didn’t need in the first place!

It’s quite disheartening after a year and a half of Mercy’s healing output in her base kit being at such a good spot and unchanged that we need to nerf it back to when it was really hard to keep people alive. Just sad.

17% less effective Valkyrie
17% less effective Healing Output

A nerf to overall healing power is a lot and it’s going to be a big hit to Mercy.

My average healing for all games for Mercy is currently is 10 457
With this 17% decrease, my healing on average becomes 8 679

My average healing on Moira is 9 900
With a passive rate of healing increase, it takes the charge rate and decreases it from 45 seconds down to 35 seconds. Increasing her overall healing to 11200.

So this.

You better have both eyes on her cause I can assure you Mercy’s overall effectiveness as a healer is going to be hit hard while the rest of the support cast since you buffed them will now excel higher.


She’s the easiest hero on the entire roster to use, no contest. It’s okay for her to not also be the uncontested best healer.


She is supposed to be the BEST healer in the game.

I just increased my potential healing on Moira by 20%. Now having on average MORE healing then I do with Mercy.


Mercy should be the best healer at lower lvl not at GM


No she isn’t the easiest hero on the entire roster to use. I see so many people complain about not being able to play her and never having had done it in the past and their lack of awareness and in game depth perception is mind boggling.

Like when I load into a premade group and I am not playing Mercy it’s staggering how poor their positioning is, how they don’t use LOS, how they actually NEED people to say “I need healing” how they don’t use valkyrie to dispose of enemy widowmakers and so much more.

This “meme” that Mercy is trivial to play needs to stop.

But let’s get into the fact every other healer has more utility than Mercy. I am the FIRSSTTTT PERSON TO SAY MERCY SHOULD EARN REVIVE. But other healers like Ana have sleep dart and healing increase/healing removal in an AOE that can completely change a teamfight. Ana can also snipe and heal at the same time and nanoboost is amazing.

Zenyatta can heal, throw orbs nonstop and heal at the same time.

Lucio I also am one of the first people to say is in a bad spot. But he can provide a barrier and significant speed boost and his self protection and boops make fighting against him on maps with edges like lighthouse a complete terror.


She still shouldn’t be healing less than a Moira. If she is supposed to be the BEST healer.


WHAT ? Moira has no utility except healing of course she should heal more


Moira does it better.


She really, really is, though. Like, overwhelmingly so. She has been ever since Lucio got his rework. She requires basic knowledge of where to be and some degree of situational awareness, but she is still the hero with the lowest skill floor in the game.


Ok you know what ? Moira is harder to play than mercy


No she isn’t. She has less abilities that put her in a vulnerable or predictable spot and has a wide AOE healing spray. An invulnerable escape on shift. Also an ability in which she can throw her E across map if she can’t get to a target safely. Not hard.

Other than managing between damage and healing not that difficult.


You’ve never tried Moira right ?


This is incorrect. They increased the amount of healing she regens while she is not dealing damage to an enemy. And even if they did boost her total regen, it doesn’t mean she would do 20% more healing.


Moira only feels harder to play because she lacks vertical movement options.


It’s still potential regen which is a potential overall healing increase.


But not 20% overall regen. It’s barely anything. QoL if anything.


I would dis agree as moira I believe is an easier hero to play and has a low skill floor


20% potential regen charge rate.

So the amount of regen when not attacking an enemy.

So if I’m following my team and they are taking a lot of poke damage and I’m healing them and we stop to regroup and I start to regen my healing faster. We are able to get into the fight faster because my healing charges up quicker in return I’ll be able to force more fights which means more damage taken and I’ll be able to heal more.

So yeah. Moira will be able to heal more.


The funny thing is, I’m seeing nearly equal amount of posts on whether Mercy will still be overwhelmingly a must pick,

or whether Mercy is forever going to be a troll pick.

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.


Considering the lack of lore, no they are not sadly😓

Help jelly😂