What people don't get about Mercy mains complaining

To stand still in the game is to die i hate her rez… I hate valk… i bloody hate the reworks shes getting. I agree she dose need a re work but ffs BLIZZARD LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE WHO MAIN HER!!!


50hp/s is just enough to make sure you never get to do anything but sit there and hold m1. No damage boosting. No pistol. No taunting the enemy to try to bait them out of position.
Just sitting there and waiting for your teammates’ health bars to fill 17% slower.

Any why has our core gameplay been so eroded? To make room for E Rez and Valk, the two abilities we never wanted and never asked for.


It’s not a misconception when people actively did and will do it againif given the opportunity. You need to let go of any chance of a revert. Blizzard doesn’t do reverts and they’ll never bring back mass rez. If you don’t like the way Mercy plays there are plenty of heroes to choose from.

I didn’t have this experience at all playing the other day. I GA around almost constantly to get bonkers jukez

forced to play her? Isn’t she your main?

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There are things I agree with and disagree with that Titanium posts, but the post at the bottom of this I quoted pretty much contains what Mercy’s liked about old Rez and what is wrong with how current Rez plays out and why its a problem. I trimmed it to only the relevant parts to this discussion, and removed links/photos because the forums dislike them. If you truly want to understand why Mercys are so upset about how boring she is currently, actually take the time to read this and really try to empathize with someone who played the before and after when considering those points. If you don’t want to understand, then it’d be much appreciated if you’d stop trolling with deliberately incendiary comments.

If you want the less TLDR version; its that Mercy players want to work for what they get in the way that Mercy is supposed to function.

Unlike most DPS heros where it is just mechanical aim they had to improve at, Mercy’s challenges where prediction, anticipating how the match would play out and being where she was needed right before and as she became needed, identifying and punishing enemy mistakes (such as poor ult economy use) and interpreting the massive amount of things happening on the battlefield very quickly in order to maximize her impact. She was unique in this way and played more like a healer or support from an MMO which appealed to a LOT of support main type folks. She was all about squeezing performance out of her that you have to actively seek to improve at and can use to manipulate the outcome of the battle. Her kits mechanics were exceptionally easy to execute in order to get basic output from because her whole design was about monitoring the flow of battle and acting with what tools you had to prevent it from snowballing your team’s fight into a loss. Thats why her kit had significant limitations; she needed to both be limited to force decision making on the fly for the good of the team with what she had, and she needed to be weak enough to counter the amazing power her Ult had.

Its kind of like riding a bike; just because you can bike across town without falling down doesn’t mean you’re pro BMX. That requires looking for ways to improve and expand your abilities in ways that many probably see as trivial and that aren’t obvious to people who don’t know about them, but it take practice and takes refinement. Its the same thing that seperates a really good Winston from the rest. His kit is no harder than Mercys and in fact despite sone portions being harder, there are also some portions that are even easier and many areas that translate in concept, such as their movement abilities and the need to be very cautious of what they can and can’t survive and when its opportune to exploit an enemies mistakes or act in order to save an ally. After the rework for Mercy, that being able to pounce on and exploit enemy mistakes to make a huge play is just plain gone. All she has is saving teammates but its not something people acknowledge as something players do or appreciate the anticipation or combat tracking that is occurring to enable more saves. In fact, her ability/cooldown based Rez punishes Mercys who are better at saving people which punishes the Mercy by giving lesser rating despite trying harder to save the team. Its backwards and anti-Mercy players love to endlessly antagonize and refuse to understand the issue.

If people would just take the time to understand the problem and stop antagonizing Mercys, there would be a TON less threads bringing her up.


“Boring to play” is just as good as an argument as “Not fun to play against”

As in they both are terrible arguments.


Personally, I would just rather she be picked for reliable healing instead of rez. Now, she’s picked for rez.

What makes a man turn neutral? Lust for gold? Power? Or maybe he was just born with a heart filled with neutrality!

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It was done to abuse the SR system, which no longer works andwas also done, only by a small amount of players. It is indeed a misconception to assume that every Mercy player did that and that it was the only viable way to play her.
On top of that, with the right changes, it wouldn’t even be possible to get value with that strategy at all.

Did i say something about reverting her? No.
And just fot the record. Reverting something means that they go back to an exact same state something already was in. Like her 50HP/s, that was a revert. Same with Valkyrie, which was a revert.
So this:

Is already wrong.

They also never said that. They just said a revert won’t happen. At no point they said Mass Res can’t return in a new way.

If you ignore that AFK mode/Pro simulator/Easy mode Ult Valkyrei, she plays just as skillful as the old Mercy (only a bit easier wit hthe new GA), Just way more dull and frustrating, thanks to the 50HP/s revert, the slow down on E res and the fact that she has no Ult and no moment to shine.


she is definitely not in a good place and not fun to play, but as long as she has the rez ability, she is still really viable even in high tier

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A tip from a non-Mercy main. Stop asking for a revert as literally no one else (especially Blizzard) wants that, we all think it it’s a terrible idea, even if we agree with you that current Mercy isn’t quite right either. Try to make the conversation based around another rework, not a revert.

so true
mercy mains 90% doesnt know what they r talking about
hell i saw a video of a mercy main dont getting a joke of the owl

When I say revert I mean back to how she was originally released in May 2016. That Whole package. Blizzard will never do it.

Again… OTHER heroes… Learn to play OTHER things and learn to get over it.

To me Mercy 1.0 was never perfect - I always sorely missed an E I could use to contribute to the fight, and her ultimate obviously needed something to make it more balanced. But what I liked about her is that she had moments, seconds where you felt that you contributed something immense to the team.

Everything about 2.0 has not been bad - bunny-hopping has made Mercy much more fun, and I doubt I could ever go back to playing without it. But this E is not what I wanted - I wanted something I could do continuously, like Brigitte’s whip (not the mechanics, but in terms of cd and impact) not something on a 30 second cd that feels like an absolute pain to use. I also miss having an ultimate that made me feel strong - at most Valkyrie makes me feel useful. Even Coalescence, and ult not praised to the heavens, can make me feel like an absolute God when I simultaneously heal my team and kill off a couple of enemies.

Mercy feels like an enabler, like someone there for others to shine. I just want some more moments to look back to and say “look there, that’s where I made a difference!” and for people to agree.

Sorry for the long post, it’s very subjective but it’s not easy for me to put words on these feelings.


You can’t have resurrect and be the best healer. There are other supports in the game, that need to be played. There are other healer mains, in the game that want to be able to play their favorite character and contribute to the team equally. The whole world does not revolve around Mercy.

I can play more than enough Heroes. What your saying is not really reasonable in that regard.

Yet again, no one is asking for that. What Mercy players, mains, fans or whatever want is and actual rework of her kit.

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If your only reason to get a rework/revert is because she’s “boring” then that’s not enough reason to do so… I mean a lot of heroes are deemed boring by the player base they don’t get a rework for that specific reason.

Even with the nerf Mercy still heals significantly more than every healer in the game aside from Moira (who is the only healer with zero utility).

When Bastion was nerfed after the Iron clad Disaster I wish everyone learnt the lessons then. Bastion had not only the viability knocked out of him as well as the fun factor from the pre-ironclad version. Nobody wanted to listen to us Bastion mains then, and now the trend continues the only difference is the hero but the same stuff overall.