Lightforged Dreanei & Forsaken model toggle thread (or sub race)


This thread is dedicated to the idea of model toggles (or sub races) for forsaken and lfd (army of the light). I feel these 2 factions should utilize racial diversity as a feature for the 2 races, let us start with forsaken on what they can gain with model toggles;

Dark rangers, (if they do not become a playable class) both variants (NE and thallassian types)

Undead forest trolls from the plaguelands.
These guys should be a forsaken unlockable with a quest involving the forsaken working with zandalari trolls/Darkstar trolls.

The following three should be slated as free from scourge control after zovaal’s fall;
Undead gnomes.
Undead dwarves.
Undead orcs.

Nathanos style forsaken would be cool too, but they would need to make story on the how they can make more, maybe through the same way Jaina’s brother was.

As for lfd (army of the light) I suggest;

Lightforged Humans, as some would want to go further with their light faith and combat what they perceive as evil. (Let me RP like tyralyon nowz!)

Lightforged dwarves: possibly the same reason as humans, but add in ale.

Lightforged gnomes, because gnomes wants to tinker with lightforged tech.

Lightforged half elves (or HE if blizz wants to be lazy about design again): For a way to fight without fear of the sunwell being weaponized against them as well as keeping their integrity from dabbling with the void and saw no other alternative to do so. (Highly debating with myself with this one, and depending on how this thread is treated, I am willing to delete this entry. Also i am not stating the blood elves would weaponize the sunwell, just stating it can be just simply a fear they can possess if they do take up arms without the void and yes, paladins guys)

An optional unlockable can be done with lightbound orcs much dealing with time travel ( this is debatable honestly lol.)

Big thanks to Nagurum on reminding me about bwonsamdi and undead.


horde gets 3 alliance models

alliance gets glowy eyes

fair trade? :thinking:


I mean alliance did get blood elf models, so we lack one race? I am open to suggestions.

Go make a Nightborne and stop being petty.

You know that Bwonsamdi despises the undead, right? Souls he was denied.

Thank you for reminding me about this, upon thinking about it I remember that he doesn’t like it due to it disturbing the balance of life and death. I will edit the OP to reflect it.

Been talking about this topic since nov. 2019

So go fish or something like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I have very little interest of playing a nightborne.

Not a bad idea. I like it.

For Forsaken I kinda think they should have options for most of the Core Horde Races as Forsaken. All of the Core ones were around during the Third War and could have ended up within the ranks of the Forsaken when that all went down.

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Yup, except turean as they where not on the eastern continent during the plague though.

Sure, but the Scourge during the Third War went to Kalimdor, easy enough to take corpses home with them.

I thought that was the undead force that was kept by the dread lords that was separated from the scourge, or am I mistaken?

Dreadlords just took some scourge with them. Arthas also followed and could easily have taken Tauren as soldiers during his time there. (where exactly those Scourge went after the Third War is probably up for debate.)

Or if its easier to go with, Tauren have been around Sylvanas Val’kyr more than long enough for some to be risen.

I guess we can get Lightforged Horde races for the Alliance. If we go this route might as well give Night Elves full Highborne access as well + their OG eye slants.


The reason why I did not include many horde racesfor lfd is;

The tauren and zandalaru trolls are not pure light worshippers, they gain their powers from reman and anshe directly and the army if the light do not worship these entities.

Blood elves themselves are already a military unit, although I included high elves, they are a separate thing entirely. They serve directly under silvermoon which is a horde state.

The only reason I included orcs is due to the maghar unlock quest chain involving maghar fighting them. I want to learn more about them and I have a feeling they where fighting there kin for far more then ‘you must follow the light’

In other words, the other horde races would not work with the army of the light.

I thought sylvanis’s valkyr could not raise other races till the forth war? They could only raise humans till then no?

Nah, I think some of them would totes join the Alliance Lightforged army. Liadrin will say something mean and it’ll be ok.

Aye, still enough time given for a player option.

Just seems silly to leave out the one race from the Third War regardless.

There are two plausible ways to see them be a thing. (imo)

I will ponder on adding it to the OP.

Liadrin would be the last one to join an alliance force but ok lol

Forsaken should really have the option to have any race barring lore restrictions as an undead model choice.

The problem is there is an already heavy faction imbalance it would just lure more people over.

The other side of issue with opening up other races to the Forsaken which would be natural is the Forsaken identity is deeply rooted in the fall of lordaeron, the scourge and Arthas. To a lesser extent the “new” forsaken raised in cata and whatnot. Which I don’t really think anyone identifies with.

Having undead of every race in the ranks of forsaken would certainly create a divide. You have the victims of arthas camp compromising of the humans of Lordaeron now undead and the fallen of quel’thalas and whatnot as our dark rangers.

Then you would have random orcs/tauren/other races who died in events of Wotlk and don’t really have any ties or connection to the former and probally disliked them when they were alive and would still be very unwelcome within undercity if it was still around.

Granted forsaken are homeless now and not much left of then lorewise?

Either way it would be messy and take too much explaining from blizz lol

Unless were just out there raising everyone DK style now.

It is definitely a big balancing act. The races I included except for night elven dark rangers was mostly people that remained in lorderon/qualthalas during the third war, not all orcs left lorderon and there was a healthy population of forest trolls there too.

Which is why I am weary of adding tuaren

I agree more character customization options are great but let’s not get too far in playing dress-up without all the implications considered. Race identity is watered down as is, choices barely mean much outside a wee-bit of DPS differences. At no point recently has anyone thought “We need to get more Dwarves in here for X reason.”

We’re just talking texture changes at this point. If it doesn’t create a new silhouette of the type, then what’s the point? I only want entirely silhouettes with unique identities added to the game.

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Sounds like you want a you want a new race?

I have a thread for that for half elves if your interested, although it didn’t have replies for a while;

Maybe I will open a new one later.