Unofficial Playable Furbolg Discussion Thread

It has bearly any mentions of anything to do with the encrypted data on the ptr.

That’s a huge bit of missing info so I’d guess it would be tied to pre-orders at this point.

Its a long shot but there’s the Darkshore/Tyrande/seed quest/video thing.

There’s a very very very very very slight potential for furbolg to join there.

I very much doubt it but I can’t say it’s 100% not going to happen.

Indeed. Seems really odd to hide so much… I hate it. I want to be excited for things. Not sitting in the dark eyeing that unsubscribe button.

(I am not unsubscribing anytime soon.)

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I’m not personally into Furbolgs but I’ll bump your thread. I think Blizz should release more playable races because they have so many that have potential.

Only thing I’d be upset by is if a playable race is given to the opposite faction, then what a player plays. As much as I don’t like neutral races I think they should make a neutral race at creation but before you confirm creation you pick your faction.

I’d be very upset if Alliance got Ogres or Mok’nathal. We’re talking rage quit type upset. Those who don’t align to a faction are lucky because I’ve tried to play both but just can’t do it. I don’t like the Alliance side of things or their quests or their areas. I do like Kul’Tirans and Mechagnomes but I do not have them unlocked and find it hard to even play an Alliance toon long enough to level past 20.

+1 playable Furbolg

EDIT: I did have a level 120 NE DH I was trying to unlock Kul’Tirans with but deleted him after I ran into the typical Alliance PUG’s I ALWAYS run into . . .very rude and thoughtless. Everyone else I know has switched to Alliance and like it. Me on the other hand can’t.


I appreciate that my friend. Your support means a lot.


Though with the cross faction foray that may not be as much a concern in the future.

Ogres, Mok’nathal, San’layn, Taunka, Forest Trolls, Dragonmaw Orcs and Hozen. Can’t see any reason for them to be Alliance.

It’d drive me nuts too.

The amount of people I’ve seen say this makes me feel ARs need to be just… Unlocked.

Plus waaay more cross faction.

My own mechagnome still regularly gets more help from Horde players than Alliance.

If you ever try again let me know. I’d be happy to help you get through it without pugs or with little issue.


Bagzak drew my attention to this CC thread.

He doesn’t mention near enough of the AR threads out there but its really nice to see someone pull for us.

If the OP of that CC thread sees this at the bottom of my Main Post here is a list of many AR and customization threads, please feel free to pull from it.

Would be nice to have Blizzard give notice to the various AR threads that have been around, and of course for this one.


I do see it. But im currently raiding on EU. People are free to relink themselve to the thread so i get the corresponding notifications.


Appreciate it.

So many of us have put in a lot of effort. Just being seen is a big win for us.


Posting my List here. Cut out the Customization and Class threads so its just AR threads I’ve run across.

Allied Race Threads

Ankoan and Jinyu Thread - By Rorrand
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It is very much appreciated to make a post to show off the race request megathreads. Thank you!

I’ve gone ahead and linked my Stonemaul Ogre megathread to your post, though it also is listed in the post above if some for reason it didn’t notify you. For some reason, linking forum posts was acting funny and wouldn’t link properly, and I had to tinker with it to get it to work as it did before. Hopefully it’s just a bug and not something intended with some change to the forums.

If possible, I’d like to request that the other race request megathreads listed above get added to the list you have on your Community Council post. Just a brief link to them is all that is really needed, as it is up to each megathread owner to make sure their megathreads are presentable and deliver the message and passion they have. It’s only fair to make sure that they all have voices is all.

I’ll likely try to share your post in a few other megathreads as well so attention can be brought to that post and we can help support it. Can’t say it’ll be a guarantee everyone will see their dreams become reality, but having our voices on the Community Council does help a lot.

If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know. Thank you again! :smiley:


Have people be redirected to me in general. Regardless of what it is. For instance i only addressed this allied race topic because i was requested to do so by someone from the community. Linking my profile should have a notification pop up i believe. Otherwise if one has an EU account just hop over there and snatch me there as im bound to be in some of the threads in the general forum.


Thanks man. Hope I didn’t come off sounding like a douche. I’m a little tired and no sleep real takes its toll on me now that I’m older. :frowning:

I wouldn’t mind just a story quest that recruits them but having to jump through so many hoops just to play one sometimes just ruins the experience. I wanted to experience Zuldazar for the very first time with a Zandalari, even if it meant leveling him all the way from level 1, but I couldn’t do that because I had to first go through the zone and then jump through hoops.

And thanks for offering to help me unlock AR’s but for the time being I am just focused on my Horde toons. I didn’t like Shadowlands so much originally that I only leveled 3 toons to 60 before I left. Normal I would have 10+ leveled in that same time. Just focusing on bringing up all the ones I missed and then cleaning house of unused names or toons.

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Not at all.

Not everyone is going to be interested in every race. There isn’t anything wrong not being into one race. But that you support those who are is a good thing.

Yeah. I hope any new ARs are tied only to questlines and not to reputations, and that those questlines are easy and relatively short.

Also I hope after the expansion they come out in they’d just be released for all.

Yeah kinda how it’s gone for me too.

Offer still stands long as I’m playing. So if you find yourself with a Alliance toon ready to start I’ll be here. :smiley:


For transparencies’ sake you should also list one of the countless Alliance High Elf topics because how often they pop up. And maybe the European topic about an improved character create screen which let you choose your desired subrace.

Brain still mush mostly but…

I hope with DF we get some wonderful story for the furbolg.

Gonna go through the thread again and consider streamlining a bit of it over the next few weeks. Feel like a few spots could use some touch ups.


9.2.5’s release has finally arrived! Still a lot of questions of various things about it that we hopefully will be able to find and answer once servers go up.

We might not see much Furbolg related until we go to the Dragon Isles once Dragonflight launches, but given there are suppose to be events going on during 9.2.5, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out and report anything of Furbolg interest. I know there are still some displaced Furbolgs from BfA’s prepatch and the Night Elves likely can use some help with finding a new place, so it’d be neat to see them work together to find a place they both could live. Maybe we could see an event involving that if we’re lucky.

There is still the rumor of at least one new playable race tied into Dragonflight preorders. We won’t be able to put that one to bed until preorders actually open up, so I’m not expecting much aside from potential foreshadowing with 9.2.5. This is IF we are getting any new playable races at all to begin with.

Hoping for the best, but will keep expectations tempered as usual.

Playable Alliance Furbolgs are a bear necessity! :honey_pot::bear:


Morning everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. (if in the US anyways.)

Spent mine out and about with my family. Went to the zoo, and sadly all the bears were off display.

So in lieu of talking about what I saw at the zoo today I thought I’d link this nifty video about an ancient giant bear!

Like Bagzak mentions, 9.2.5. comes out today and in a few short hours we’ll all get to see what’s behind all the encryption. I doubt we’ll see anything regarding furbolg however I’ll post here if I see anything as I play with the new content.

I do think the biggest news for this thread will come with DF itself when we get to see what the furbolg of the Azure Span are up to and if they got an updated model that maybe, just maybe might be designed around one day being playable.

Heres hoping!

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I’m very jealous as I haven’t been to a zoo in a long time. I miss going to one.

Possibly. It depends on whether everything is available soon as servers are back up or if there are things that’ll come later on. Blizzard not listing some things with the patch features does worry me, but it also seems suspicious with all the rumors going around of potential Dragonflight preorder incentives.

Playable Alliance Furbolgs are a bear necessity! :honey_pot::bear:


We actually bought a membership so I’ll be going a fair bit.

My brother and I used to go very often to the zoo near our home. Haven’t gone for awhile due to money and time reasons. But now my son is old enough to enjoy it we’re going to make sure he gets plenty of exposure to animals and such.

He also really likes fish and our zoo has a little aquarium.

Now its hours after it dropped, I’m very happy for those who wanted Dark Ranger options. That said I feel like Blizzard could have done with decoupling the eyes and skin tone and letting us use them with other options. Thought they’d learned their lesson on that with… well everyone when they did the customizations at the beginning of SLs…

Not surprised we see no furbolg mentioned in this patch. It was always going to be a loooong shot. Still I like some of the other things I saw going on.

Waiting impatiently to see the furbolg of the Azure Span.

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And Dragonmaw Orc. :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t forget Broken too. :smile:


I didn’t mention this before but you, and whomever helped you, put a lot of work into this thread so kudos. Very well done.

Too bad that druids got that Mage Tower bear form or that would’ve been one seriously cool Furbolg look IMO. But still, the models you have aren’t bad. They remind me of the Pandarens only the females heads are a little freaky big IMO, lol. They aren’t that bad now that I took a second look.

+1 Playable Furbolg



Also added. Lol

Appreciate it. There were two people who made the mock ups. Lancelot did most of them with Somand doing a couple. (I think I have them credited.)

Id also say Bagzak who inspired me to make the thread and Nadezhdha and Zurogrusel as the general skeleton of the thread was made from their own work.

They all deserve credit for this thread existing.

Aye it’s my hope that one day blizzard will release those appearances since it’s what most people seem to want.

Appreciate it.

They’re examples of how the model could be improved and made playable, I’m sure blizzard would likely go with something appropriate and fitting in the end.

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With the start of a new month, a new round of in-game suggestion feedback has begun!

As you know, at the beginning of each month, I submit in-game suggestions of races I want to see playable while referring to their respective megathreads. Not a guarantee it’ll lead to something, but I figure it can’t hurt to give it a try.

If you’re interested in doing this for your wanted races as well, I made a little guide in the following post:

Hopefully Blizzard will look at our suggestions and megathreads with interest and an open mind!

Playable Alliance Furbolgs are a bear necessity! :honey_pot::bear: