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What is being done to address the rampant botting that is endemic in retail and classic above and beyond reports and ban waves? Can we expect the game to be cleaned up?


Can we ever expect to see a more progressive style of expansion again over seasonal? With each new season previous raid tier dies. Seems like a lot of work for only 1 season of content


Why are Warlock pet summons still 6 sec casts, what is the deal with this class’s lack of development in Shadowlands?


‘Bots are ruining the economies on servers in Classic WoW - what more are you doing for TBC to ensure the same thing doesn’t happen?’

‘Faction imbalance on pvp servers has been a nightmare in Classic. Many forecast it will get worse in TBC due to the strength of blood elf racials and horde racials in arena. Are there any plans to address this?’


Hello Blizzard, just wondering if there’s any input on the future of Demon Hunters in shadowlands, specifically Havoc and any plans or thoughts about them.


Asking two questions on behalf of the Saurok and Stonemaul Ogre megathreads:

From the Saurok Megathread:

“Since we’ve seen Saurok migrate off Pandaria and even becoming friendly and working with different races, are they naturally evolving, becoming more civilized, and becoming smarter than before as the Saurok race as a whole matures through giving birth to new generations of Saurok?”

From the Stonemaul Ogre Megathread:

“Since it has been awhile since we heard from the Horde Ogre clans (MU Stonemaul, AU Stonemaul, and Dunemaul), can we get an update on how they are doing and what they are up to?”

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Why are Shadowlands professions so lackluster?


Why do conduits exist?

Why does conduit energy exist?

Why does the only method of getting mythic raid level conduits not involve the raid at all (or pvp, m+, etc)?


Not sure if we are supposed to ask here (or on the unpinned thread in Classic’ but I will ask here as well:

If players want to continue to play Classic Vanilla beyond Classic TBC launch, will they have a future ability to transfer to a TBC server once they are finally done with their Classic Vanilla adventures?

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Have you seen the dances you’d be doing based on today’s popular ones? :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:

On topic. What from SL will be be carrying forward in 10.0? I can haz divine toll permanently plz?


Will male Undead ever get normal, non-zombie hair styles? It’d be cool to play a fresh Forsaken with hair that doesn’t look like it’s spent sixteen years in the ground, especially now that you’ve given us the body option for it.


when is classic TBC’s release date?


I have a question about the Unshackled hanging out in Durotar. What are the unshackled up to and have they joined the horde? I have noticed that they are out there, but have no quests or special dialog.


What are the chances of playable Sethrak at some point?


Why can’t we have major class changes and reworks during an expansion, instead of waiting 2 years to fix a problem?


Do you have any plans to return ranged SV back in the form of a 4th spec at any point? The current Legion rework has a dedicated but small fan base, and how the spec was implemented alienated many players and set a bad precedent for the game. When can we expect to see an arcane archer / munitions expert make a return?


Can we expect meaningful interaction with the classic community or will you continue to ignore us?


Why can’t you do anything to stop bots and hackers from ruining your games?


Every Q&A or Blizzcon you’re always asked about communication, specifically why you’re so bad at communicating with the playerbase when it comes to the philosophy behind changes or just inaction towards things such as botting.

Every time you’re asked, you say you can do better and that you’ll try to do so in the future, will we ever actually see that happen or will you ‘do better’ in the future.

  1. I love the Shadow Priest revamp, but only having one Insanity spender and no real AoE options without talents is a definite weakness of the spec. Are there any plans to address this?

  2. Are there any planned changes/revamps coming for Holy Priests? They lack a niche and are often rejected from Mythics.

  3. Why don’t you announce all of the changes you make during patches or resets? It’s really disconcerting to suddenly have things nerfed (e.g. Soul farming in the maw) without telling players.