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[H] LF Semi-Hardcore CE oriented Guild
Looking for Wed/Thu raiding guild
Resto druid LF raiding guild
Horde rdruid/shaman looking for CE guild
3 CE players currently looking for a mythic raid team
CE Mythic Healer Returning to Game!
186MW LF core raid spot
Group LF Cutting Edge guild
185 MW LF horde CE raiding guild
[A] 180 disc/holy priest looking for a heroic/mythic group
Two Players LF Raiding Guild
[H] Mythic Prot Pally LF Mythic Guild
[H] Former 130 US CE Holy Priest LFG
US 97th Raider LF Mythic Progression Guild
199 IL balance/resto druid LF mythic raiding guild
[A] 176 Holy Priest LF Mythic Guild
CE Hunter LF Mythic Prog Guild
Mutiple CE Discipline Priest LF 2-3 days EST Mythic Core
(H) CE Hunter LF Guild
[H] CE Raider looking for new guild
Delete please
Horde Illidan -CE Returning Ret pally + Disc priest looking for Mythic guild
180 mw LF CE guild 1-2 nights a week
Returning CE raider looking for Shadowlands home - WW
[H] Tank looking for SL Mythic guild
[H] LF Guild for Evening CST Raids on Bloodscalp
[H][Area 52] Elemental Shaman LF CE Guild
Legion Cutting Edge Hunter LF Home
H/ progression spriest/lock looking for EST aotc/ce and m+ guild
LF guild for Shadowlands
3/10H Ret, Havoc, Hunter and RShaman LF Mythic Guild
US Top 300 Main Healer LF Mythic
Warlock LF AoTC/Mythic Guild
Ex hardcore raider LF a squad - mDPS
Returning Mythic Raider LF 2-3 Night CE Guild
Looking to push the raid, actually
LF a Guild
[H] Previous CE raider looking for Guild
Delete this
3 players LF guild
Delete This Post
LF Raid/M+ Guild for Shadowlands
11/12M Raider LF Mythic Raiding/CE Guild
[H] Returning raider looking for mythic raid
Warlock LF Raiding Guild
4man LFG - H or A
Enhance Shaman LF SL Mythic Raiding
Range/Tank LF Raiding home
[H] 3 LF Mythic Guild for Shadowlands
Returning to wow looking for raiding guild
CE Experienced Tank LF Raid Team for SL
[H/A] LF Mythic Raid/M+ guild any class
[H] Tichondrius LF Mythic Guild!
185 unholy DK LF CE Guild
Couple LF Raiding Guild [A] Stormrage
[h] dh, mage and healer lf raiding guild
15 year experience [A] hunter looking for raiding guild for SL
Healer and warlock buddy looking for guild on Zul'jin
[A] Healer LFG Disc/resto allaince only
Returning top CE Mistweaver LF horde guild
[NA] [H] Tank LF Guild Some mythic prog preference)
Top 10 US exp - LF Guild last second
DPS Looking for Weekend Mythic Guild (Burning Blade)
Husband & Wife Team LF Guild for SL
CE Rogue looking for a Mythic guild
Experienced Rogue LF Serious CE GUILD
165 Disc Priest LF CE Mythic Raiding
[H] 2 Experienced rDPS/Healer LF Heroic/Mythic Raiding on EST Server
[A] Shadow Priest LF Guild Raiding/Mythic+ (Can Transfer)
191 enh shaman Looking heroic/mythic guild
Found a guild
[H][Area-52] Disc Priest Looking for Heroic/Mythic Guild
(H)Looking for medium server CE guild
Found a guild TY all
Returning Mythic MW/Rdruid LF M Guild Illidan!
3 LF SL Raiding Focused Guild
[H] CE xp Shadow Priest LF Mythic raiding guild
[A] 180 Arms warrior looking for semi-hardcore raiding and M+
183 ret pally LF Mythic Raiding Guild
181 R Shaman looking for raid team
NYA CE, BOD CE, ULD CE ilvl 174 Hpal LFG
[A] 178 Ilvl - Disc Priest - LF Raiding/Mythic - 7PM EST Start
179 Ilvl holy/disc priest LF long term CE guild
183 Holy Paladin
[H] AOTC mistweaver w/ mythic experience returning for SL. 185 ilvl
(H) Resto Shaman LF Mythic Raid
[H] 192 Disc Priest LF Raiding Team
180 VDH / Brew LF raid group! Maybe havoc dh also
192 Windwalker Monk LF Semi-Hardcore Raiding
[H] 183 Havoc LF Heroic/Mythic, 4 time CE through BFA
[H] (Area 52) 185 Sub Rogue LF CE Guild
185 Mw/Ww Monk LF Guild
184 M EXP Havoc/Veng DH LF Guild for SL
179 H pal or 181 R sham looking for mythical teammates
[H] Mistweaver/Brewmaster LF guild on horde!
Healer looking for guild
Arms/fury warrior top R1 parse
Group of 4 looking for mythic progressing guild
188 Enhance shaman looking for raiding guild
Resto Shaman LF mythic raiding guild, Area 52
188 Rogue LF Raiding Guild
Horde DPS druid LF guild! Any server!
CE Prot Paladin LF CE Raiding Guild

To the top we go! Come slap down some SL with us.

Bumpin’ for the PUMPERS

Almost there! Lets go pumpers

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Evening bump! Still could use a couple dps/heals!

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Gearing up in shadowlands!

Updated post with needs

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Have yall had any previous CE tiers or raiders with much experience. Is this a newly formed guild in SL?

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add my btag blue#15336 lets chat. you posted on my forum 4 x Cutting edge players lf guild if you’re still interested in us that is.

Bump for healer!

Bumping this post.

Bumping this bc we always looking.