(H) CE Hunter LF Guild

Hello I am a Hunter main, willing to play different dps classes, but prefer hunter. I have raided starting a bit in Legion and getting more serious about it in BFA.
I obtained CE in BoD and Nyalotha battling the attendance boss more than anything with any guild i have joined. I am looking primarily for a raid team that has been established and Raid CE regularly.
I am a progression focused player that wants to be able to achieve CE while still raiding on an easier schedule. I would like to raid 2 or 3 nights a week.

Link to my Raider IO is https://raider.io/characters/us/zuljin/Bonepowa

Hello! My name is Bullcon and I represent Raiding Is Hard. We are a late-night horde raiding guild based on Area52. We are 12/12M and are currently looking for people that want to raid at a cutting edge level in Shadowlands and push rankings!

About us:

We are a bunch of older dudes that like to kill bosses, our goal is to get cutting edge every tier and push rankings. We started Nyalotha about 4 months late, we built a team and we were able to achieve Cutting Edge. We got US #934 and although we’re ecstatic we got Cutting Edge we would like to push ourselves and earn a better ranking in Shadowlands, the idea the team has settled on is US top 200. We think this is a fairly attainable goal and expect to surpass it, once Castle Nathria is over and we see where we land we will decide as a team what we want to aim for in the next tier. Pushing ourselves is a team decision and we’re looking for people that share the same mindset.

What you can expect from us as a guild:

  • A community-driven environment. We try our best to foster a positive and caring community, our guildees and raiders are friends and we’re always trying to help each other succeed.
  • Frequent direct communication between you and the officer team . We always want to be on the same page and are always willing to listen to thoughts, feelings, and concerns, our door is always open!
  • Strong & passionate leadership . We’ve been playing this game for a long time, we know what it takes to succeed and we’re always striving to put our best foot forward!
  • Excellent organization! We strongly believe that the best way to push progress is to be prepared and have a plan. The officer team is always strategizing and figuring out the most efficient way to get stuff done. We’re a big fan of spreadsheets, guides, and powerpoints and we’re always there to help our raiders learn and grow.


We raid Tuesday/Thursday from 11pm-2am PST/2am-5am EST/1am-4am CST. In the beginning of the tier, we usually add a Wednesday raid day so we can push early progress. After the first 2-3 weeks, this Wednesday raid becomes an optional attendance sell run, we sell Heroic/Mythic on these days in order to fund our guild repairs and put some money in our raider’s pockets. Over the course of Nyalotha, our raiders made a couple of million gold each, and we were able to fund our guild repairs for the entirety of the tier.

What we’re looking for:

We’re also looking for some exceptional DPS applicants. Ideally, this person will have a history of competitive raiding across multiple specs.


    • The ability to raid late-night consistently- We are a late-night raiding guild, we’re looking for people that can make the hours listed for now and the foreseeable future.
    • Progression-First mindset- We raid at a high level, that means we wipe. A LOT. Our N’zoth kill was over 200+ wipes! This is just the nature of competitive raiding, especially early on in tiers, sometimes bosses are over-tuned (Looking at you Fetid Devourer) Sometimes bosses have steep DPS checks that you’re just shy of making and one more week of gear is all you really need. We’re looking for people that understand the nature of competitive raiding in wow and aren’t gonna get burnt out after a couple of weeks of progress.
    • Flexibility- We ask that our raiders be as flexible as they can in their role, to achieve this we’re asking people to maintain a minimum of two characters for the first couple weeks of each tier. Obviously, after 2-3 weeks of Mythic your alt will naturally fall behind, and maintaining them will fall to the wayside, but for the initial weeks of each tier having another character that you can switch to if need be is invaluable. Let’s say you’re a shadow priest because they’re really strong, and then Blizz Nerfs them and you can’t play disc or holy, if you didn’t have another toon we may have to bench you. Or let’s say there’s a fight like Mythic G’huun where you really want 3-4 Warlocks, if we have people that have warlock alts ready to go that will do nothing but help the team.
    • Maintain your character outside of raid- We ask that you do everything you need to do outside of raid to maintain your main. In BFA there were things like Grinding Azerite, farming echoes for corruption, farming visions for gem sockets, doing your weekly 15, etc. We need everyone to play at their full potential and in order to achieve that you’re gonna have to do what you have to do outside of raid. Currently, this looks like capping your weekly renown, farming maw currency for sockets, upgrading your legendaries, and doing some Torghast. It’s imperative that you’re able to do these things.
    • Understand that raiding is a team effort- Raiding is a team effort, 20 people come together and work with each other in order to kill bosses. You must understand that in the progression we do not care about your Parses, sometimes we’ll ask you to do jobs that will directly affect your ability to do damage, sometimes we’ll ask you to die, sometimes we may have to sit individuals for certain fights if they’re having a bad night or we need a different class (think Stacking Immunities on N’zoth or Warlocks on G’huun) These things happen and they’re not personal this is just the nature of progression raiding. We’re looking for people that are team-oriented.
    • Previous Raiding History- We’re looking for people that have a history of high-level raiding because these people understand the struggles of progression raiding and know what needs to be done in order to kill bosses before nerfs. However, this is not mandatory like the other requirements are, we are willing to entertain anyone with a good attitude. In shadowlands, we will aim to trial 25-30 people in the first 2 weeks and then pick our core 20 based on the performance displayed in those 2 weeks. You’ll have to earn your spot and if you think you can then feel free to apply!

Contact info:

If you got through that big ol’ wall of text then let me just ask that you look at our days/times one more time and make sure they work for you before reaching out. You wouldn’t believe how many people misread those times lol. If the times and days work out for you then feel free to reach out to me any time of day and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

BTAG- Bullcon#1672

Discord- Bullcon#6858

I literally just transferred from Area 52 yesterday because i was not able to ever play the game, i kept getting crazy que times of over 1 hour. Hopefully if something like this is fixed in the very near future i will consider Area 52 again.

No queue times over here!!!
I’ll leave our guild post below for your consideration.
Reach out any time if you’d like to chat!


Hey Bonepowa! Warmode On is a newly formed hardcore guild in Bleeding Hollow and we’re looking for people to push keys and mythic raiding in Shadowlands.

Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday 8pm-11pm est.

Current Needs: We’re looking for damage dealer (Both Ranged or Melee) and any Healers.

Guild Faction: For The Horde!!!

Our guild is made up of a group of friends that recently transferred to Bleeding Hollow. We aim to be the best guild on this server. All are welcome including competitive players or players that just want to have fun. All of our current members have achieved AOTC as well as pushed mythic raiding with some achieving CE. Many of our players have 99 parses and are in the top 500s.

If you are interested or you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me.

Battlenet Tag: Azella#11626

Discord: Zaalia#7666

Hi there, our guild name is Severity. We are currently a start up of just about 20 current and returning top 50 US raiders. Our interests stem from raiding, to mythic +, to pvp, and sale runs in our freetime. We are looking for like minded players to progress and grow with us into shadowlands and beyond. To keep up with all of the content that we enjoy in the game, we intend to raid on a lighter schedule of two nights a week; Wednesday/Thursday 7:30 - 11:30 pm PST with optional events outside the scheduled mandatory raid times.

currently looking for a couple more dps to round out our roster. hit me up if interested or have any questions
btag: mke#11978

What realm is Severity on? Not sure if i missed that in your post or you didn’t put it just curious.

Haven’t had a login queue except for second day of SL had a 20 min one
“Yeah Right” tichondrius is a late night mythic progression guild, with core members who have been together since Wrath of the Lich King. Our team believes in maintaining a high standard of play and having a friendly but competitive atmosphere while pushing mythic progression. Our goal is to have a positive raid environment that encourages and congratulates raiders for optimal play. We pride ourselves in having an extremely low turnover rate and active community outside of raid.
RAID SCHEDULE: 9 Hour Raid Week

  • Tues/Wed/Thurs 10:00pm-1:00am PST (1:00am – 4:00am EST)
  • 12/12M Ny’alotha (US Rank 173)
  • 8/8M Eternal Palace (US Rank 183)
  • 9/9 BOD (US Rank 304)
  • 8/8 Uldir (US Rank 537)
    Current Needs (in order):
  • Mage
  • Any RDPS
  • Death knight DPS

Recruitment is always open to exceptional players of all classes.
Minimum Requirements:

  • Competitive parses
  • Current Mythic raiding experience
  • 90%+ attendance (and the ability to post out in Discord 24 hours ahead of time)
    For guild inquiries please add and message us
  • Recruitment: bliss#0227 (discord) clkrohn#1535 (battlenet)
  • GM: busdawg#1836 (battlenet)

sorry i completely didnt include it. we’re on hyjal

Late night raid times would work great for me. Are yall doing cross realm trials for the first week? I am up to transferring certainly if needed for trail.

Can i make it to the top?

Still looking for a new home for Shadowlands

if your still looking for a guild I would like to interview you.

Calculated Calamity is seeking new members for Shadowlands raiding ,M+ and PvP. We are Guild Based on Commnunity, Progression, and Skill.

About Northrend Neckbeards:
Semi-hardcore Guild looking to clear content in a Timely and Enjoyable Manner. We are keeping the guild small so we can focus on the real community aspect of a guild.
Strong Well-minded Memebers are the focus of the guild. So if your looking for a guild that brings thier best to the guild and can have a laugh. Then I bet you found
a New Home.

Current Needs:
Healers, Range DPS

Raid Time:
Saterday 8:00PM EST - 12:00 EST
Sunday: 8:00PM EST - 12:00 EST

Contact us:
Main Contact (Battle Tag): Nororango#1887
Discord Nororango#3749

Hello thanks for the interest. I couldn’t see any info on wowprogress about Calculated Calamity is it a newly formed guild?
I am mainly looking for an established guild with previous CE xp this past tier

yes this is a new guild but we have exp raiders and I personally some a 250 us guild and raid leader has been in world 27 in the past currently i think you would be a good

which realm are you located on? currently i am horde and server transfer along with faction is like 50$ so its a bit of a commitment.

Gurubashi, but i would like to get a with you on discord talk, to show you what the guild is about

Creeping Doom US-HORDE | MAL’GANIS

Who are we:

  • Creeping Doom is a community of veteran raiders who, due to family and work commitments, have embraced a casual raiding schedule. Many of our members come from US Top 50 guilds and although our schedule is now casual, we still take on the hardest challenges the game has to offer with a hardcore mindset. If you are a talented player who would prefer to raid once a week, consider joining us.

Guild Focus:

  • Achieve Cutting Edge while raiding 1 day a week.
  • Build a competitive Mythic+, PVP, and social community.
  • Facilitate optional Heroic raids for friends and alts.

Guild needs:

  • 1 Healer - HPally or MW
  • 2 RDPS - Mage, Spriest, Boomer, or a Hunter

Standard Mythic Raid Time:

  • Thursday 8pm - 12am EST

Optional Heroic Raid Times (2 groups):

  1. Tue/Wed evening, time is TBD
  2. Late evening & early day, time is TBD

Contact Info

  • Discord: Goregutz#4738
  • BNet: Goregutz#4738