Horde rdruid/shaman looking for CE guild

I have previous CE experience and raiding experience.

Looking for semi hardcore guild aiming for cutting edge. I’m planning on maintaining a restoration shaman and druid for the upcoming expansion.

Prefer to stick to my current server which is Ticohondrius.


The guild I’m in, (Crucible) has some healer spots open. We raid Sundays at 8pm and Mondays at 9pm EST. We formed late in 8.3 and got 10/12M, looking to get CE in the next tier. We’re Horde on Thunderlord.

Contact me on discord if you’d like to chat.

Hey, if a server transfer isn’t off the table i’ll leave our guilds info for you to take a look!


hey add me on discord so we can talk we raid fri-sat 6-10 pst
Romance / Aniki#5949