Resto Shaman LF mythic raiding guild, Area 52

Hi I am a resto shaman looking to mythic raid this time around since they change mythic + drops.

Currently 180 ilvl

I used be a pugger for the longest, but when I decided to finally transitioned to Mythic for M+ prog I was 9/9M BoD with multiple kills on each boss. For M+ I was doing +17-18 before qutting when EP came out.

This xpac I want to actually start raiding seriously. A lil bout me my joy in raiding doesnt come from beating the boss, rather, its beating the bosses with people you been grinding with for a couple weeks. I don’t rage and pretty chill.

Hey Nobow, we’re still looking to add one more solid healer to our team and we might be a good fit!
I’ll leave our bit of spam below, reach out any time if you’d like to chat.
We also LOVE M+ over here!–-ce-focused-guild-–-wedthur-sun-6-10pm-cst/725702

Darn, I forgot to put my server on the post. I do have a disc priest over on that sever but its still 50. I’d be down to run the heroic raid and see if the fit would be nice though! If so I could get that char 60 and geared by this weekend.

Hey there! We are looking for a Resto shaman to solidify our healing composition! If you are interested feel free to message me after reading the spam below:

I was looking for a group that had a slight amount of history even if its just 1 raid just so I know what I am walking into. With that being said I’m down for N/H Castle to see if we work together well.

I understand that completely. Unfortunately one does not get history without first existing. XD Add me on Discord or Battlenet, and we can go from there.