[H] AOTC mistweaver w/ mythic experience returning for SL. 185 ilvl

Hey guys,

I am a 185 ilvl mistweaver returning from a break from Legion. I was playing classic instead of BFA but I’m back for SL. LF a raid guild in need of a monk healer. I am 185 ilvl with several leggos acquired already. I have AOTC and mythic experience. Willing to xfer servers for the right fit as well. Add me on discord kyonari#3422 Thanks!

Spire is a heroic focused raiding guild based on Mal’Ganis.


  • Mon/Wed 8-11CST

  • Heroic Focused (If we have the progression and numbers we will transition to Mythic if time left in the Tier)

Priority Needs

  • Mage

  • Non DK Tank
    *Resto Druid
    *Holy Paladin
    *Mistweaver Monk

  • Any Exceptional player

About Us
Spire was formed in 2017 by real life friends to play Star Wars: The Old Republic. We contain members who have played MMOs since Vanilla and have raided in top US 150 guilds all the way to players getting their first taste of raiding. We believe in coaching and encouragement can guide a player into better raid performance. We are all working adults who like to down pixel bad dudes in our spare time. Spire has a zero drama policy and it is enforced strictly. Our guild chat and Discord is adult oriented, also a sense of humor is required. We play many other games in our downtime.


Beetus#11493, Prizefighter#1911, Jaseypoo#1320

Hey there, we’re still looking for one more solid healer on the roster.
I’ll leave our info below for you, will add to discord in case you’d like to chat!