[H] Mythic Prot Pally LF Mythic Guild

Hi all,

I’m a returning mythic tank that played throughout most of Legion and a little bit of BFA. Currently maiming a prot paladin at 166 ILVL and gearing fast. Looking for a guild that wants to push CE mythic content. I’m open to server transferring or faction changing if necessary. I can play most tanks at a high level.

I have old logs from my old mythic guild where I played a brewmaster monk if you would like to see them :slight_smile:

Raid times:
Monday/Tuesday Open
Weds-Saturday mostly open availability



Looking forward to hearing from and thank you for taking the time to read!

I added ya on both Bnet and discord, we’d love to talk!

Hey there, we are in the market for a solid tank as one of ours is wanting to switch to dps. Would love to chat about the opportunity. I’ll leave our guilds little bit of spam below, will also add to discord if you’d like to discuss.