3 players LF guild

Hello, me and 2 friends of mine are LF a stable guild for raiding in Shadowlands. I have played an Spriest starting the game in the middle of EP and in Nyalotha got CE on it along with getting CE on a mage. I raided with a weekday guild and a weekend guild. I am a flexible player and can play any role at a high level. 1 friend is a healer who plays a MW monk/Hpal that has 9/12 M experience from this past tier and my other friend has experience with both dps and tanking (8/12 M) and is currently looking to play a rogue/tank for shadowlands. We are looking for a guild preferably on Horde side but open to Alliance if its a good fit and also looking for this guild to have killed a minimum of 6 mythic bosses. We are also looking for players who like to do m+ content. If you have any further questions and would like me to provide links to characters/logs feel free to add my bnet. iZeref#1461 or add me on discord Zeref#2659. Looking forward to what shadowlands has to offer. Thanks

Hello Zerxf! I run a smaller casual guild on server Rexxar/Misha named Wolves of the North. We’re trying to regroup and recruit more players of all types for upcoming SL content. We’re looking at putting together a 10-15 player raid group, and we will run m+ content as well. As of right now we’ll be looking at weekend evening raid times. We need all roles yet, and we value fun over progression. We want to progress through content, but want to do it at our own pace rather than race to be #1.
If you’re interested, or have any other questions, feel free to message me! My discord is Zdunny69#4257. Look forward to hearing from you!

Hey, we are a guild of mostly returning vets looking to jump right back in to mythic and CE. We would have room for all three of you currently. I’ll leave our little bit of spam for you below!


Messaged you on discord. Good luck in Shadowlands my friend!

Hey! We’re actually recruiting all of your guy’s specs so I’ll add you on discord. Here’s some info about us if you’re interested.


Hi there! Ill touch base with you soon!

Mission Statement: We have a great opportunity here to get in on the ground floor for a new community rebuild. We intend to be primarily raid focused, but at a more working-man/woman’s schedule and focus. We want to welcome with open arms anyone looking for a “Friday night with the guys/gals” type of atmosphere where friends come together for their bi-weekly game nights.

About our Leadership: Our guild is headed by 2 individuals with extensive leadership experience in both daily lives and inside World of Warcraft. We’re ready to make the game a great experience again. No drama is a must!

About our Guild: We strive to bring friendship and integrity to all things we do with one another in the guild; Kinship built through shared love of gaming & having fun with like-minded individuals. We recommend being someone who wants a laid-back atmosphere, looking to build a new, great guild with us.

Schedule: Tues/Fri (8PM-11PM CST)


  • 3 Healers (My preference is folks whom can maintain other healers as well and/or play offspecs. This isn’t a requirement, but would be a welcome sight. Multi-purpose players kill bosses quicker!)

  • Lots of DPS (I’m in the market for a lot of DPS at this point. Please be someone that is open to playing whatever is best for each phase of content. I’m not looking to pester folks to make good comp decisions, so be someone who enjoys doing what’s best for each tier)

If you have any questions, please contact:

GM BNET: Ekye#11711
GM Discord: Ekyu#3966

Unknown Identity is a new guild formed going into SL we are a group of degenerates just trying to enjoy everything SL has to offer!
[H] Illidan
if interested contact me discord- lif3l3ss#1625 lets have a chat

[Wet Wet] {Mal’Ganis/Horde} is recruiting for mythic Castle Nathria. We are recruiting all exceptional players and specifically a disc priest. We finished last tier at 9/12M after three months of raiding. Our goal for Shadowlands is to get CE every tier and have fun. We are beginning multiple mythic plus teams and pvp teams as well. Raid times are Friday (8:00pm to 11:00pm est) and Saturday (7:00pm to 10:00pm est). We run an optional raid day of Tuesdays usually for alts.

Website: https://wetwet.enjin.com/

If you have any questions or are interested in trialing, please message me on discord: kogun#0859.

Added both. Let’s talk!


The guild I’m in, (Crucible) has some spots open. A few of us flex as well so you and your friends will likely be able to play whatever roles you feel like. A bunch of us also push M+ keys. We raid Sundays at 8pm and Mondays at 9pm EST. We formed late in 8.3 and got 10/12M, looking to get CE in the next tier. We’re Horde on Thunderlord.

Contact me on discord if you’d like to chat.

Raid Schedule :
Wednesday & Thursday : 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST
*Saturday & Sunday: 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST

  • Sat & Sun are for sale runs as well as casual alt and achievement runs for those who want to participate. These are also subject to change based on availability

Recruitment Needs :

  • Tank: Low Priority
  • Healer: Medium Priority
  • Melee DPS: Low Priority
  • Range DPS: High Priority
    If your class is a low priority on recruitment do not be discouraged in applying or contacting someone in the Guild. Anyone who is exceptional at their class will be noticed and offered a chance at a core raiding position.

About Us! :
< Swank > is a two day progression guild on Mal’ganis - a competitive, high population Horde server located on the Chicago data center. We strive to push progression on a light schedule (8 hours per week, 4 hours per night), and our goal is to be a leading force for end game, becoming a top guild on Mal’ganis. We’re in search of like-minded players, who are willing to push themselves to achieve this goal on a two day a week schedule.

We don’t expect perfection, but we do expect a high level of class mastery, encounter knowledge, and mechanical execution. This requires preparation through proper itemization, talent choice, consumable use, and encounter research. Furthermore, we like versatile players who can competently play multiple classes and multiple roles; this indicates a well-rounded understanding of the game.

Moreover, we value players who are respectful of other raiders’ time. Having fun and raiding are not mutually exclusive, but progression requires focus and optimal time management. With 8 hours of raiding per week, it’s paramount that raiders come to raid with knowledge of progression encounters. When you optimize your own play, you optimize the guild’s play.

We understand that mistakes are part of the learning process; however, we do not tolerate people continually making the same errors. We need raiders to adapt quickly to situations and learn from the mistakes they and others make. We emphasize teamwork and openness to constructive criticism. Raiders are encouraged to bring issues (with strategy or other players) to the attention of officers.

Expectations :

  • If information is available, study current and future progression fights.
  • Treat people inside of the guild and outside with respect.
  • Respect the time people dedicate to raids.
  • Be able to adapt quickly to changes in strategies or mistakes.
  • Bring a positive attitude and be able to take constructive criticism, as well as give your own if needed.
  • The ability to communicate is a must: having a working microphone is a requirement.
  • Be an active Mythic + participant as this is an easy way to get gear.
  • Have the motivation to constantly get better and push yourself, study logs to try to improve your performance and raid contribution.
  • Understand that we hold competitive positions, and continued performance issues will result in a re-trial or removal of a players raid spot.

How to Apply! :

Contacts :
GM : Kylore (Bnet: GoblinSmithy#1769 | Discord: GoblinSmithy#3846 )

“Yeah Right” is a late night mythic progression guild, with core members who have been together since Wrath of the Lich King. Our team believes in maintaining a high standard of play and having a friendly but competitive atmosphere while pushing mythic progression. Our goal is to have a positive raid environment that encourages and congratulates raiders for optimal play. We pride ourselves in having an extremely low turnover rate and active community outside of raid.
RAID SCHEDULE: 9 Hour Raid Week

  • Tues/Wed/Thurs 10:00pm-1:00am PST (1:00am – 4:00am EST)
  • 12/12M Ny’alotha (US Rank 173)
  • 8/8M Eternal Palace (US Rank 183)
  • 9/9 BOD (US Rank 304)
  • 8/8 Uldir (US Rank 537)
    Current Needs (in order):
  • Mage
  • Any RDPS
  • Death knight DPS

Recruitment is always open to exceptional players of all classes.
Minimum Requirements:

  • Competitive parses
  • Current Mythic raiding experience
  • 90%+ attendance (and the ability to post out in Discord 24 hours ahead of time)
    For guild inquiries please add and message us
  • Recruitment: bliss#0227 (discord) clkrohn#1535 (battlenet)
  • GM: busdawg#1836 (battlenet)

Hey there, if you and your friends are still looking we should talk, here’s our info for you!


HI! we’re looking for a few more exceptional players for our raid team! We have just reformed for Shadowlands, and would love to offer you a new home! Most of us have been top 100 throughout WoW’s lifetime and want to be there on a two-day schedule. Most of us are from Midwinter, Limited Liabilty, and Smitus and Friends. I would love to chat with you! We have an application you can fill out or we can sit down and chat! Let me know!
Raid times: Tues/Wed 9-1 EST-
Alliance: US- Sargeras
First week of heroic and mythic- Additional time will be added

https: //tinyurl. com/y5clp764 (Remove the spaces)

Btag- Rollexx#1650
Discord- Rollexx#3190

Unknown Identity is a new guild of longtime players focused on Heroic-level raiding. Outside of raid progression, we’ll be pushing Mythic+, casual and higher keys, as well as Rated/Unrated Arena and BG’s for fun.

You don’t have to worry about being left out of anything because of your class/spec/covenant. All we ask is that you come prepared to do your best - the same you’d ask of anyone else you’re teamed up with. If you’re struggling, we’ll offer to help you out as long as you’re willing to put forth the effort of learning.

We want this guild to be a place you can come and have fun without stressing too much and we’re looking for like-minded degenerates who like to play with their peers and contribute to a community.

Location: Horde- Illidan

Currently Recruiting- DPS/healers

Raid Days/time: Tuesday/Wednesday 6PM PST/ 8PM CST/ 9 PM EST

Thank you for your time!

Bnet: Lif3l3ss#1578
Discord: lif3l3ss#1625

Hi There!

I would like to personally send you an invitation to check out Final Chapter on Illidan! We are always looking for great players and people to add to our community. Our intent is to be the last guild you will ever need, come give us a try!

I sincerely wish you the best of luck on your search for a home.

All the best,



About Final Chapter:
Final chapter was hardcore raiding guild born on Rivendare server in 2007, where we have been ranked as high as Top 30 US and have received several server first achievements

In our 13 years of existence we’ve had kids, committed to careers and family, and evolved into a community of people who just enjoy playing games with another. We’re no longer a hardcore raiding guild, however, we still intend to be the best 6-hour raiding guild we can.

If you’re interested in a laidback & non-judgmental community of adults who enjoys all types of gaming, feel free to apply!

We raid 2 days a week at the following times :
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm server time (6:00pm to 9pm pacific)

We are currently recruiting any and all great personalities! We do have some spec specific needs as listed below.

Healer : ( 1-2 slots open)

Disc Priest
Holy Paladin

DPS : (3-4 slots open)
Any range DPS

How to apply :

If you’re interested please whisper any of the members below, or feel free to join our discord! If you’re not able to reach one of us, please kindly fill out an application under the “#apply” text channel.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact the following people

Trakkowned - Trakkowned#1862 (Guild Master)/ Discord- Trakk#3650
Qazzi – Qazzi#1193 (Raid Leader)/ Discord- Qazzi#4717
Pudgy- Pudgy#11895 (Officer)/ Discord- Pudgy#3472