CE Hunter LF Mythic Prog Guild

Hello, I’m looking for a CE guild looking for quality players to push mythic content in a timely manor. I can’t raid Sunday evenings. I am going to be playing as a Hunter main. I always try to have an alt geared as well.

BFA Raiding History:
Uldir: 7/8M
Crucible: Didn’t raid
EP: Didn’t raid
Ny’alotha 8/12M

Legion Raiding History:
6/10M NH
6/9 ToS
CE Antorus

I sadly have gone through some heavy health issues, so I wasn’t able to fully be there for my guild. I’ve raided at high end as a DPS, and healer. Was a Rogue for Uldir, Hpal for BFD, War/Lock for Ny’alotha.

I raided very casually in TBC, and didn’t start progress raiding until Wrath. In Wrath I cleared 15/15 Naxx, 1/1 EoE, 13/14 Uld, 5/5H TotC, 12/12H ICC, 1/1H RS. In Cata I was 6/6H BWD, 4/5H BoT, 2/2H TotFW. I was banned for herb botting shortly before Firelands launched. I was only able to get 4/7H FL, 6/8H DS. I didn’t raid during MoP, just pvped casually. In WoD, I was 5/7M HM, 8/10M BRF, and 11/13M HFC. In Legion I was only 1/7M EN, 0/3M ToV, 6/10M NH, 6/9M ToS, and 11/11M Antorus.

What I’m looking for:
I want a guild that is looking for a quality players to help push mythic content in a timely manner. I want a guild who loves having fun, but is also serious during raid. I want a community, not just a guild. I come prepared the best I can with flasks, knowledge of the fights, and just the mentality ready to down some bosses. If you think I would be a good fit, or have any questions you can add me to btag! Sacredtenshi#11826. Thank you for your time, and consideration.

Hit me up!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Even though Covid has made it hard to see our family’s, I still hope everyone has a good day. Add me, and we can talk this evening!

Had some good grub, now on WoW. Add me!

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Hey I’ll leave our little bit of spam here for your consideration.
Will also add you if you’d like to chat!


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Howdy! Definitely in the market for a hunter. We’re a newly formed guild made up of former top 15 US officers/GMs and some of our raiders.

Sjwvegan#0001 is my discord if you wanna chat, recruitment post is below.


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