Arms/fury warrior top R1 parse

Looking for a solid guild for SL. Something that’s been around for awhile w good leadership and players that have similar experience and skill as me.

-Top /r1 parse player
-Early glad current season and 3.2k io.
-multi classer
My times are mon-fri 5pm-2am central .HORDE ONLY.

w respect Please do not waste my time, I’m not interested in fresh/new guilds.


Hey there, we might be a good fit for you. Raid times match, and we could use a solid warrior on the team. We’re mostly returning CE and previous mythic raiders coming back to form a team to achieve CE throughout Shadowlands.
Reach out at any time if you’d like to chat! I’ll leave our guilds little bit of spam below for you to consider.–-ce-focused-guild-–-wedthur-sun-6-10pm-cst/725702

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ayee lmao sl coming out tmrw :smiley:

online atm

sl coming out in few hrs :smiley:

hello. is it me youre looking for ?

big damgur

one of the blue bois