Ex-Hardcore Raider Death Knight Looking for raid guild

Names John, Coming back to raid for SL. For Nyalotha I played a lock and got to mythic Vexiona and killing her. But I’m coming back to play my Death knight for SL. I have over 450 days played on this character, and know how to play every spec. I’m going to level as blood. Which is going to allow me to get into mythic +s quicker as a tank. But if you need a dps, I’ll main dps come raid time.

In the past I have done things like
Clearing Black Temple Pre 3.0 nerf
5 min malygos 3D Sarth
Cleared a ton of Ulduar on hardmode. Doing Firefighter when the fire would 3 to 4 shot you.
I have Server first Grand Crusader from ToGC
We also had world 20th kill on Faction champions
Cleared most of ICC pre stacking buff
Firelord title pre Triangle strat nerf
And many more. After Mythic Vex, I took a break untill today! Shadowlands.

Biggest thing for me is I need a EST guild. I work 7:30am to 4PM so I can’t raid to late and not get up for work.

I would like to stay alliance but really don’t care I’ll do what ever for the right fit.
Battle net: JGussey#1719
discord JGussey#4713

Hey man you sound like a great fit for us! Seems like our raid times work for you and we’re currently recruiting a dps dk. Check out our spam and hit me up if you’re interested.


Hey seems like we might be a good fit, will be done by 11EST, no late night.
We could use another strong dps, and possibly blood tank as one of our tanks is willing to go dps with a strong replacement.
I’ll leave our guilds info below if going horde isn’t totally off the table for you.
I’ll add to discord if you’d like to chat!


Still around to talk to people!