CE Rogue looking for a Mythic guild

Hi, I am a rogue looking for a mythic raiding guild. Coming back to the game for Shadowlands, I have multiple CEs from previous tiers and am a skilled player with good performance/decent parses. Good team player and can make perfect attendance. Looking to transfer over from Alliance to Horde and find a new home.

Any time ending before Midnight EST works for me.

If you’re interested let me know here or add me on discord: Confused#1268

Hey there, I’ll leave our guilds info below for your consideration.
I’ll add you on discord as well if you’d like to chat!


Good morning ! Would love to talk some more, here’s our info for you. Hope to hear from you !


HI! we’re looking for a few more exceptional players for our raid team! We have just reformed for Shadowlands, and would love to offer you a new home! Most of us have been top 100 throughout WoW’s lifetime and want to be there on a two-day schedule. Most of us are from Midwinter, Limited Liabilty, and Smitus and Friends. I would love to chat with you! We have an application you can fill out or we can sit down and chat! Let me know!
Raid times: Tues/Wed 9-1 EST-
Alliance: US- Sargeras
First week of heroic and mythic- Additional time will be added

https: //tinyurl. com/y5clp764 (Remove the spaces)

Btag- Rollexx#1650