3 CE players currently looking for a mythic raid team

3 DPS players who have pushed CE in BFA looking to raid at a high level going forward in Shadowlands add Rez#1881 for more info if interested.

Good Morning!

Offtime is forming up for morning raiding on Sargeras!

Our goal: To be the top alliance morning guild and get them Cutting Edges! The leadership is comprised of players that have achieved CE in current and prior expansions.

Raid times will be 9am-12pm EST // 8am -11am CST // 7am - 10am MST // 6am - 9am PST! We will be raiding at least 2 days per week, possibly adding a third day for alt clears.

Join us for coffee, cocktails and a good ol’ time!

To inquire add Mindclash#1800 on Bnet or Mindclash#4038 on discord!

Added you if you’d like to chat!
I’ll leave our guilds post below if you want to take a look!



The guild I’m in, (Crucible) has some dps spots open. We raid Sundays at 8pm and Mondays at 9pm EST. We formed late in 8.3 and got 10/12M, looking to get CE in the next tier. We’re Horde on Thunderlord.

Contact me on discord if you’d like to chat.

Hi there, our guild name is Severity. We are currently a start up of just about 20 current and returning top 50 US raiders. Our interests stem from raiding, to mythic +, to pvp, and sale runs in our freetime. We are looking for like minded players to progress and grow with us into shadowlands and beyond. To keep up with all of the content that we enjoy in the game, we intend to raid on a lighter schedule of two nights a week; Wednesday/Thursday 7:30 - 11:30 pm PST with optional events outside the scheduled mandatory raid times.

currently looking for a few more spots to round out the roster and push hard in shadowlands. hit me up if interested or any questions.
btag: mke#11978

Hey man,

Here is our spam. If interested hit us up.

All raid spots are competitive and we are always recruiting players with the right skill sets & headspace.

Progression Raiding Schedule 7:30-12:00 EST
Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Sunday

Farm Raiding Schedule 7:30 - 11:00 EST
Tuesday - Wednesday

• We may Raid additional days during progression.

• We Day-Raid the first Tuesday of Mythic release.

• We take a few days off after Progression.

• Decisions in this guild are always made with the goal of achieving the highest possible rank in mind. We are currently planning to push hard in Shadowlands
Day raiding is still being worked out regarding the first mythic day
It might be later in the evening/extend to late into the evening.
We are chilling for the remainder of the tier and going all out in SL
The day raiding the first day we are contemplating how that is going to work still, if transferring is an issue we can offer some compensation for it
We are a collection of ppl who have been raiding in the top 20-100US for the couple of tiers with all of the players coming from different spots (Pie Chart, Did it for Whitney, Prometheon, Aversion [EU]), so we currently are 5/12-just dicking around on alts. But top 100 is cake. Our guild is Fragment on Bleeding Hollow - Horde.

Discord: Tracy#7543
Bnet: Tray#1125