[H][Shattered Halls] Tank/dps looking for Guild

Level 50 Tanks = Demon Hunter, DK, Warrior
Level 50 DPS == Shaman, Warlock, Hunter, Rogue

Eastern Timezone
Server: Shattered Halls

I am looking to tank and dps for this coming expansion. My current guild changed the raid times and now I can not go with them since I got a new job.

My times I have free are Late Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Although if the times are reasonable I can do any day. (As in start time is 7PM EST or earlier)

I do have a few friends also looking to job including a very good healer buddy of mine.

Discord: Jbquikk#6903
Bnet: Jbquikk#1934

Fixed so you can contact me in game or discord

Hey looks like our start times are exactly what you would need for the other days, if server transfer isn’t off the table for you. We likely would have room for a couple others as well.
I’ll leave our guilds post below, will also add on discord if you’d like to chat!


Still looking

no body wants a tank lol