Horde Illidan -CE Returning Ret pally + Disc priest looking for Mythic guild

Returning players looking for a guild that raids M/W/Th/F after 5 PM EST.

Priest progression for BFA (logs for other expansions are on a different server, feel free to ask if you’d like these) - CE Uldir+ 7/9 BoD prior to stopping for the expansion (logs: warcraftlogs/character/us/area-52/rigena)

Ret Pally for BFA - 7/8 M Uldir + CE BoD (US 197) prior to stopping for the expansion
(logs: warcraftlogs/character/us/illidan/verb)

Contact: Rigena#1810

Hey, I’ll leave our guild info below for your consderation, looks like we may be a good fit if a server transfer isn’t of the table for you!


Hey there Peal,

I think we could be a good fit for you and your friend. I will pot our TLDR spam below and add you on Bnet.