Husband & Wife Team LF Guild for SL

My wife and I raided hardcore through Cata and have played off and on since. Open to Horde(Dawnbringer) or Alliance(Khadgar). She prefers ranged dps and I have mainly tanked/healed but am open to playing any class that can help with progression. We’re looking for something semi-serious. We play everyday but 2-3 days of raiding max. Can reach me on discord if you want to chat trips36#6954

Hi, Malechi! is currently recruiting. Below is a link to one of our recruitment posts. If interested, hit us up! Best of luck to you!
battletag: Lion9#1466

Amused is looking for a few more to fill out our roster for Heroic raiding, pushing Mythic + dungeons, and Torghast. Our guild has a significant amount of experience with raiding(mythic & heroic) and M+ key pushing. For Shadowlands we plan to raid Heroic casually to enjoy the game without the stress of min/max for mythic raids. The guild has been raiding together for over 5 years and we are always looking to make new friends!
Raid nights: Mondays & Thursdays 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST (5:00pm - 8:00pm PST)
Contact Romza-Zul’jin or Pewpeweyes-Zul’jin for questions in game or in our discord channel.

Hey, if a server transfer is an option for you, we could currently use another healer and a ranged dps! I’ll leave our guilds info below, will also add to discord in case you’d like to chat.–-ce-focused-guild-–-wedthur-sun-6-10pm-cst/725702

Ay man tried to add you and it didnt work, try adding me instead after you check us out!

Hello! We’d love to have you! We’re a semi-casual, fun guild, committed to staying smallish.
Mourning Shadows is a Horde guild on Thrall looking for raiders and members for Shadowlands. We are AOTC focused and fairly laid back. We have some folks that also pvp heavily, so BGs and Arena teams should be available. Raid will be Sunday night 9-12 Est (6-9 pm Pacific) We are looking for a back up healer, and a couple more melee (esp if you can flex to tank occasionally) but all roles will be considered. There is no level requirement to join, nor are you required to raid if you do join. For more information contact BellanyZimz#0791 on discord or Bellany#1567 on Bnet.

Hey there Malechi
Semi-Casual RL raiding guild re-establishing for Shadowlands. Will be pushing the boundaries in mythic+ dungeons as well as achieving AOTC and maybe dabble in some of those mythic bosses. Raid times Wed, Thur, 7:45pm-10:00pm PT
Faction: Alliance
Realm: Lightbringer
Bnet: sumwrath#1715
Disc: Kornpops#4946