Found a guild

we found a guild thanks all.

Would be interested in talking to you guys.

Hey there, I’ll leave our guilds little snippet for your consideration.
Newly formed looking to build something great, could use all 4 of you to do so!–-ce-focused-guild-–-wedthur-sun-6-10pm-cst/725702

Hey there, Nvdz. I’d love to chat with you about progressing through Mythic Castle Nathria with Virulent.

Though we are a new guild, you can see via our website that we are putting in the effort and are here to stay. Our leadership is made up of players with previous Guild Master, Raid Lead, Cutting Edge, and World Top 10 experience, and we plan to push for Top 100 Horde for Hall of Fame each tier.

You can check us out here:
Website -

Also feel free to reach out to me if you are interested or have any questions. (Bnet - Vanx#11719 / Discord - Vanx#0001)

resoguy#1905 if you are still looking

Hi Nvdz,

If you have any weekend availability, we might be a good fit for you guys.

Split is a weekend mythic raiding guild on Mal’Ganis.

Hours: Fri - Sat 10:00pm -1:00am EST

Leadership is 12/12m and all members have CE experience dating back to Cata (ranging from US 50-500). We’re looking for some DPS to finish the roster. Our goal is US 300ish on a tight, 6 hour/week schedule. If any of this sparks your interest, please reach out:

Discord: Elms#2120
Bnet: Elms#1515

Good luck in your search.

going to be looking at and messaging players this week. Bump.