[H] Mistweaver/Brewmaster LF guild on horde!

Battle tag: Ceason#1858
Discord: Ceason#0976

Mythic experienced in the last few xpacs and before that I did heroic. I have a lot of AOTC’s and some pretty decent PVP titles/achives as well.

About me: I am an unemployed 25 year old from CT who is looking to raid, M+ and PvP hard this expansion. I am very friendly and social and I like to have fun and enjoy serious raiding as well as casual.

What I am looking to play: Brewmaster or Mistweaver, don’t have a preference yet. My first 60 was a druid but I think id rather play my monk. I do not have a legendary yet for my monk but I have everything I need once I choose whether to heal or tank. I can also play Windwalker and have been doing so to level and pvp.
Availability: Anytime before 1-2 am est
Please contact me!

Hey there, we’re still looking for another solid healer on our roster!
I’ll leave our spam below for your consideration.