[H] 2 Experienced rDPS/Healer LF Heroic/Mythic Raiding on EST Server

TLDR: Lock and Spriest/Disc LF EST raiding guild on M/T/Th/maybe W from 7pm - 10pm/11pm EST

Hi! My boyfriend (Destro Lock) and myself (Shadow Priest/Holy Disc OS) are looking for a guild that raids normal/heroic/maybe mythic at an EST timeframe (around 7pm-10pm/11pm, but room for flexibility). We are looking for an environment that will push content, but is also laid back and welcoming. Our current server is offering free character transfers so we’re interested in making the move soon. We are available on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, with potentially Wednesday as he has classes on Wednesday evenings, so it would depend on the time.

About Me: I mained a priest during vanilla and TBC as Discipline/Holy, with a mage as an off-class. During WOTLK, I started with my mage as we had enough healers, but then had to swap to the priest and, eventually, to the guild’s main tank as several people stopped playing. I found a laid back guild that had the attitude of “if we kill it, we kill it.” During Cata, I exclusively played my mage, and swapped to a progression guild and pushed heroic content, but soon left that guild as the GM (and the guild itself) became incredibly toxic and went back to my laid back guild. In Mists, my guild server transferred, and I decided to roll a Resto Druid, but the GM eventually had to quit and transferred leadership to a friend. The guild subsequentially fell apart. I decided to quit and went full casual – which brings me to today. I haven’t competitively raided since Mists, but I know I am more than capable of doing so. I reactivated my account for Classic and boosted this priest at the very end of BFA, so I can play with the boyfriend (since he’s Horde). I am interested in going Shadow this expansion but as you can see, I have played healer for a long time and can also go healer if needed.

About Him: He’s always played a Destro Lock, and has a lot of experience with it. I believe he made this Warlock in either TBC or Wrath and has played it since, every single expansion. He has pushed heroic and mythic content.

What You Can Expect From Us:

  • ability to take constructive criticism (in fact, encouraged)
  • ability to follow directions
  • have a mic with no interference except the occasional cat meow
  • preparedness/consumables
  • advanced warning if unable to make a given raid day
  • the drive and willingness to further learn our specs
  • two people who don’t get offended easily
  • 21+ individuals with no drama

We also raid on Classic, on Friday/Saturday. I am one of my guild’s main Disc priests and he is one of our guild’s main Locks, and also our Lock tank for emps.

Please let me know if you are interested in speaking with either of us, need more information, or please drop your guild info in a reply. I can be reached on Discord at Phoenixx#7008. Thank you!

Hey Azlurea! I added you on discord! My name is Infinight#7632. We fit your description perfectly and are looking for two more raiders. I’d love to talk over discord if you both are free later.

Hey Azlurea! We’re a guild that seems to have the exact attitude as you two. We’d love to bring you and your boyfriend in. We have a spot for you on either shadow or disc. It would be great if your boyfriend would be willing to main aff and offspec destro, but thats something we can look at and work with you guys on. I’m not sure if our times work for you guys, but if you’re interested, just reach out.


Hey there, I think we might be a pretty good fit for you guys if you’re looking to push progression in to mythic.
I’ll leave our little bit of spam below, will also add to discord if you’d like to chat!


Hey there!

Anime Waifus UwU - Horde US Thrall
I’ve recently started this guild as a joke with friends but now that Shadowlands is here I’m looking to get it off the ground by recruiting social and active players. If the name turns you off so be it, but i’d like to shoot my shot!
We are so new, that we are still looking for a raid leader and filling all spots! I might be the guild leader but I’d recommend having an experienced raid leader. I’m looking for players who will be available to raid on Tuesday/Thursday from 8PM-10PM EST. I’m looking for people who are ok with making some minor mistakes but know what they are doing enough to get AOTC and maybe some mythic kills. I’m hoping to find enough people to have multiple M+ groups as well if thats something you’re in to.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.
Discord: Drandon#4012
Bnet: Xamurath#1464

We’re in the market for a some ranged dps or possibly a healer - check our post out and let us know!