[H] Tichondrius LF Mythic Guild!

Looking for a Guild to push content with. Prefer to stay on Tichondrius, or at least a West Coast server! Returning from a long hiatus to play Shadowlands. Previously in a top 20 US Guild during Wrath pushing through ICC.

Classes- Druid/Priest/Monk or Rogue

I can fit any Role needed on any three of those classes. Looking to PvP(arena) as well so that would be a perk if the guild had a solid group.

Hey there, I’ll leave our guilds little post for you to consider.
Reach out anytime if you’d like to chat!


Don’t you have to be on the same server?

Yes, you have to be on the same server for Mythic Raiding, your post doesn’t mention if you’re willing to transfer or not.

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