[H] Previous CE raider looking for Guild

Previous CE from tiers 21-24 as healer looking for a position as a tank.

I’ve raided CE from Antorus through Eternal Palace as a healer, and am looking to mainswap to a tanking role.

Looking to play either a BM Monk, or a Blood DK, and am leveling both at the start of SL, and keeping both raid-ready.

You can find my healer logs for tiers 21-24 at Hunterthomp-Arthas on WCL.

Left at the end of EP because the game was becoming less and less enjoyable, so there’s only Heroic logs for the latest tier.

Pref a 2 day guild, but open to options.

Willing to xfer for the right guild.

Hello Huntardthomp,

We are still trying to find a tank and a few dps for our 10m core group in SL. We just recently broke off from a previous guild so we could actually do progression. We are very active in discord and are ET zone based. If you’d like more information, feel free to message me on discord or on battlenet.

Battlenet: Holyhow#1277

Hello! If you are looking for a new home and your goal is to get Cutting Edge in Shadowlands we may be the guild for you! -Eternal Rise- is a newer guild on Area-52 lead by multiple CE experienced players, we are looking for select classes to fill our roster in Shadowlands, in the mean time we are clearing Heroic Nyalotha weekly and Mythic+ while we build our community.

Raid Times (In Shadowlands): Mon/Tues/Thurs 8pm-11pm est

Recruiting (High):
Druid (Resto/Balance)
Shaman (Resto/Ele)
Priest (Shadow)
Death Knight (Tank/Dps)

Monk (Tank)

If you have any questions or interested and don’t see your class listed above feel free to get in contact, we are always looking for quality players! :slight_smile:

Contact Info:
Bnet Grace#1550
Discord Grace#9631

Lets talk tank things.

Hey, we’re mostly returning vets, hardcore and semi-hardcore players!
Would love to chat with you, I’ll leave our spam below for you!


Hello Huntardthomp,

Vermilion eSports on [H] Tichondrius is a brand new eSports organization looking to build a friendly, mature, professional and supportive community for competitive players and streamers. As the organization is still in its infancy, financial compensation and contracts are to be negotiated at a later time.

The organization has a target of reaching Cutting Edge for the first tier, Hall of Fame for the second and third tier, and a serious competitor for World First by the time the following expansion For the time being, we are looking to aggressively recruit for the first few, fast-paced weeks for Shadowlands, with a target of first week Heroic clear of Castle Nathria, and diving straight into Mythic Castle Nathria in the second week.

The organization requests you respect the time of others as you would like others to respect your time.

Raid times are as follows (all times are Pacific Standard Time):
Tuesday - 1830-2130
Wednesday - 1830-2130
Thursday - 1830-2130
Monday (optional alt raids) - 1830 - 2130

Currently Recruiting all classes and specs at this time as well as leaders for administrative roles within the organization.

If you believe you have what it takes to push and compete, please reach out to me at Subsys#11228.

We look forward to hearing from you and look forward to welcoming you to the community.

Hi there, our guild name is Severity. We are currently a start up of just about 20 current and returning top 50 US raiders. Our interests stem from raiding, to mythic +, to pvp, and sale runs in our freetime. We are looking for like minded players to progress and grow with us into shadowlands and beyond. To keep up with all of the content that we enjoy in the game, we intend to raid on a lighter schedule of two nights a week; Wednesday/Thursday 7:30 - 11:30pm PST with optional events outside the scheduled mandatory raid times.

currently trying to find a solid second tank to fill out the roster. add me if interested or have any questions. btag: mke#11978

Cinderworks: is actively recruiting at this time for Shadowlands! and our Mythic Roster

Active Rosters:

Cutting Edge Team
Raid days:Tue/Wed/ Friday.
Raid time: 5-8pm PST
Raid goal: Cutting Edge.
Attendance: No missed Days or late arrivals subject to removal from raid team.
Raider acceptance: Percentile markers hit in Heroic and Mythic Warcraft logs. 1 Main toon will be required for this raid team. Individuals seeking to earn CE should come into this team with the acknowledgement that the team is a competitive based team. Meaning that individuals performing poorly will be consistently replaced. This is intended to help the team progress.
Below are a few unique aspects about our Mythic Roster:

  1. Recruiting up to 25 Individual players, so we can tailor 20 toons (classes/specs) for each boss fight. Creating the best scenario Raid wise.

  2. Each raider is required to maintain 1 raid ready toons that must of different sub roles.

  3. A third of the raid team has prior CE experience, some were top performing US 50 players that raided consecutively in early expansions.

  4. Competitive environment individuals that are failing will be replaced. EMPHASIZE PATIENCE IS NEEDED 1-2 WEEK PROCESS AS IT TAKES TIME TO IDENTIFY THESE PEOPLE. Raid Leaders appreciate any assistance in this process.

Raid days: WED/Thurs
Raid time: 4-7 PST
Raid goal: AOTC and some mythic progress.
Attendance: Excused Absents will be excepted more than 2 no show’s (see terminology at bot) will result in removal.
Raider acceptance: based upon performance and good attitude, new players will be automatically listed on trial and approved by the Raid Leader. Seeking individuals that can carry their own weight. This team is guaranteed to achieve AOTC.

Why Us?

EASY! Want to take a casual approach to raiding but still make progression? we are the guild for you! raiders are allocated to miss one raid day out of the month (unless specified in raid team roster) but we encourage you to participate in our community, events, contests and special events. With the #1 (self-proclaimed) community you will love our raiding environment!

Contests, tournaments and events are held with real life prizes on a monthly basis. Our community actively engages in other video games.

You may contact us via below discord link. (message Alue, Sozim, Sanji)

alue#1328 – Alue

tcraig96#1446 – Sangi

sikario#1272 – Sozim

Afternoon Huntardthomp,

Mythic Team Royal Phoenix is actually looking for another tank and healer to fill out their Shadowlands roster. They raid Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:00pm - 10:00pm CST. Please add me on discord for more info because we are very interested!

Here’s a tiny bit of background: discord community of 400+ focused on WoW with one guild on Horde-Illidan and one guild on Alliance-Sargeras. We have a few unique-led raid teams that range in difficulty. We like to welcome people that need a drama free home, mythic plus group, and/or a raid team. We are not a spam guild and prefer quality over quantity. I’ll drop some links below so you can get to know us better behind the scenes without any pressure.

Website: Envelop.gg
Bnet Post: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/haillidansargeras-envelop-multiple-teams-pve-community/605256
Discord: https://discord.gg/Envelop

You are more than welcome to stay in our discord and chat with us without joining the guild. If you have any questions, please message me on discord. Saph#7860

Thank you and good luck in Shadowlands my friend!

[Wet Wet] {Mal’Ganis/Horde} is recruiting for mythic Castle Nathria. We are recruiting all exceptional players and specifically a disc priest. We finished last tier at 9/12M after three months of raiding. Our goal for Shadowlands is to get CE every tier and have fun. We are beginning multiple mythic plus teams and pvp teams as well. Raid times are Friday (8:00pm to 11:00pm est) and Saturday (7:00pm to 10:00pm est). We run an optional raid day of Tuesdays usually for alts.

If you have any questions or are interested in trialing, please message me on discord: kogun#0859.