(H) Resto Shaman LF Mythic Raid

Resto Shaman ( Prot Paladin alt) looking for a raiding guild. Ideally I would like a mythic guild build late heroic/early mythic tier guilds are okay as well. I just enjoy operating at the higher level of difficulty.

I am able to transfer servers with notice. I’d prefer to stay on Horde but opportunities are opportunities.

I am available during the week to raid at or after 6pm CST (Texas) and whatever times on the weekends. I bring my own consumables, I do my homework, and I do my best to provide my guildmates with consumables as well. Always willing to help guildies with whatever be it professions or mythics.

My Btag is Atarg#1878 and it will probably be quicker to message me there, I don’t spend a lot of time on the forums.

Thank you for your time.

Sent you a bnet request!

Indomitable (Thrall) is a new guild focused on CE compromised of former US 50-100 mythic raiders. We raid 2x/week (Wed/Thurs 7pm-10pm CST) with an optional heroic Alt night Mon 7-10CST. The heroic night is used for progression at the start of the tier, and then to sell runs towards the end of the tier.

Currently were looking for a resto shaman to fill out our healing core.

If interested feel free to reach out via bnet: Zyde#1325

Hi there traveler, Hey friend! Anima Club is a new guild made in shadowlands after launch on the server Mal’Ganis. We are a small group of friends that have played extensive amounts of WoW and other games together through out the years. We all at some point of another through out the game have raided in US top 100 guilds and or have PvP’ed at high levels (2k+)

We created a guild to reach our ultimate goal in the game of seeing and clearing all content within a reasonable time frame and enjoying every second of doing so with our friends. Our guilds emphasis will be working together as a team to down all raid content rapidly on Normal and Heroic difficulties, while working to progress on mythic at a leisurely pace. We will also be doing mass amounts of Mythic + keystone runs, as well as PvP as you desire. We want to create a community where all our family members of the guild can see and conquer all the content they desire with a team that they have fun fighting along side.

While progressing at a leisurely pace is meant to be fun and preserve the youth of the game, we still expect all members to attend promptly, come prepared knowing boss fights, have adequate consumables, and be able to perform the job of their chosen role / class on a weekly basis.

OFFICIAL Raid times (EST) Tues / Thurs 8 pm - 11:30 pm (12pm hard cut off during progression). There have been talks of early in tiers to potentially raid for those who are available on Monday to clean up, but nothing at this point is finalized or will be deemed mandatory.

Our current recruitment needs are pretty flexible!

  • Range DPS (All open except Warlock)
  • Melee DPS (2 open spots, warrior, dh, or ret pref)
  • Heals (Open to all)
  • Tank (1 potential OT wanted)

We encourage all players to fluently be able to play their off specs if possible and if beneficial to the group. Always considering applications of exceptional applications outside of our listed needs.

If our team sounds like a the right fit for you, get in contact with us in game or message me directly on btag for more info! (Flecks#1421)


Hey there, we’re still looking for another healer on the team!
I’ll leave our bit of spam below, reach out any time if you’d like to chat!


Hey! we’re looking for another healer for our raid team!

[After Nerf] The goal we are setting as a guild is to simply push CE at a pacing where we hit the hardest high wipe bosses as they take their first nerf wave. We want to offer a low raid burnout environment while still having a high skill and tight competitive raid team full of players that enjoy playing outside of raid and pushing M+. Raid hours 7 - 10 EST on Tues / Thurs / (Mon if we are progressing on a boss or for an alt run) We are currently heavily recruiting Healers and Ranged dps. Any exceptionally non dented melee will also be considered
Contact us on discord: